TRESemmé InstantRefresh Dry Shampoo

This product is formulated to absorb excess oil and remove odour. No water is needed and it will help to revive limp, greasy hair in-between washes.

Price: R62.99
Availability: Leading retailers nationwide

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70 Responses

  1. I don’t believe in using dry shampoo, I think people should carry on washing their hair the normal way because short cuts aren’t always 100% safe.

  2. The price is okay. I would love to try this product especially for those lazy days when I do not have to wash and blow dry my hair. Sounds great.

  3. Thanks for these reviews, always wanted to try Dry Shampoo, but think I will keep to washing my hair normaly.

  4. I was dissapionted with this product on my hair. I have used other ones that have worked very well. However, I know it has worked on other friends hair, that is thicker than mine. It also works well on hair that gets colored regularly it seems. But natural, long, thin hair it’s a no go.

  5. I’m not sure which to side with. I do however think this is a great product for winter and for when you have a cold or flu since you do not need water :)

  6. If you have black hair, stay away! My hair had white residue after using this and following the directions carefully! I spent minutes getting the whiteness out. It also made my hair very limp and dull.

  7. I bought this and it is perfect for those lazy days when I don’t want to wash my hair.

  8. I really don’t like this product. The white residue clings to your hair with no proper refreshing abilities! I am not please at all considering the hefty price tag attached to this.

  9. For me this product doesn’t have the greatest smell and it doesn’t work as well as some other brands that add volume as well.

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