Eucerin Intensive Hand Cream

Eucerin Dry Skin lotions and creams contain Urea, a natural moisturiser found in healthy skin. When used regularly, the products help replenish Urea in the skin and restore its natural balance. Skin feels smoother and softer.

What we say:
After testing several hand creams in the past I found that a lot of the brands I tried left my skin feeling very greasy – for hand cream this is a problem! When I used Eucerin Intensive Hand Cream the first thing that I noticed was the smell. The cream has a neutral / clean smell which is fantastic as I am not a fan of cream that makes my hands smell like they were soaked in a fruit salad.

The cream was easily absorbed and left my hands feeling soft and moisturised for quite some time. Although there was a slight greasiness after applying the cream, I found that this went away within a few minutes. The cream instantly reduced the appearance of fine lines, often associated with dry skin, and my hands looked noticeably softer than they looked before.

With winter fast approaching, everyone needs a good quality hand cream to keep skin supple and moisturised. Eucerin has lived up to their promise of long lasting moisture and I would recommend this hand cream in a heartbeat!
– Emily


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  1. I was introduced to Eucerin when I was on the search for affordable but effective products. They have an amazing range of face and body products which are dermatologically tested, and have a feeling of quality rather than being purely cosmetic.

    I have tried their purifying range when I had acne issues and it worked really well! At the moment I am addicted to the hand and foot creams with urea. What I love about these is they contain urea which is essential for softening dry, flaky skin. There is no point adding tons of oil to dry skin without using effective ingredients.

    I apply the hand and foot creams at night when getting into bed, and it has made such a difference! I don’t need to pay for pedicures and manicures anymore because my skin is beautifully even. All I need is a touch of polish and I’m good to go!

    The products do have an oily film which doesn’t bother me too much, but this is why I prefer applying it at night.

    Next on my Eucerin shopping list is the hyaluron eye cream…

  2. I got this as part of a Eucerin Gift Pack which included a facewash and moisturiser and a notepad and pencil :) I loved the other products and I found that this hand cream was excellent. It made my winter hands feel brand new and not sticky at all. It was absorbed very quickly into my skin as well.

  3. All of the products in the Eucerin range are great. I used it on my baby when her dry skin became so bad that it started cracking and bleed a little. We use the bath products since then as they don’t dry out her sensitive skin. I was considering switching to the Eucerin face range but found the bioderma range had a tinted face moisturizer with a SPF100 and was only R50 a bottle so went with that instead. But Eucerin is still the best body range I have seen

  4. I have never used any of the Eucerin brands mainly because they are expensive. The cream sounds ok but I can’t imagine buying just a hand cream for over a R100.

  5. This looks like a good buy. I hate it when creams are too strongly scented, because most times the perfume in the cream irritates my face when I touch it during the day. I’m sure this won’t be an issue with this cream as it seems to be quite neutral from the reviews. Even the packaging looks neutral. It’s going to moisturize your hands, not make you smell like the perfume counter, which I like. I think I’d definitely try this one out.

  6. I received this hand cream as a gift when I bought two Eucerin products. And I am in love it! It instantly soothes dry skin, takes away that scaly look, and after a few days my hands are velvety soft. I also love the neutral smell. It may seem a bit expensive for a hand lotion, but it lasts and is well worth the money spent!

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