Jean Paul Gaultier Classique EDT

Jean Paul Gaultier Classique EDT

A contrasting fragrance featuring sensual, ultra-feminine notes… Top notes offer the tenderness of rose played up with the freshness of star anise. In the middle notes, the spicy sweetness of orange blossom is combined with the aphrodisiac notes of ginger. Base notes feature the caressing sensuality of vanilla and amber wood.

Price: R835
Size: 50ml
Availability: Department stores nationwide.


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  1. I have had the pleasure of owning this beautiful floral fragrance gifted to me by my husband many years ago as an anniversary present. I instantly fell in love with the fragrance and the feminine side of it. It is so me I have treasured my fragrance and I still have about 20 ml from the 100mL bottle. I love the fact that the bottle is well in tact in the tin casing that it came in the shape of the bottle reminds me of the beautiful woman That I am. I cannot wait to own a new bottle of this fragrance.

  2. Wow! Wow! Wow! Jean Paul Gaultier Classique is breathtakingly beautiful. The first thing that caught my eye was the fab pastel pink, corseted bottle and the moment I smelt the powdery, floral juice with a hint of vanilla and citrus I was completely in love. The dry-down is soft and sweet but not annoying. JPGC is a sexy, evening fragrance for winter or autumn. Sillage is excellent. Longevity is awesome.

  3. This EDT is one of the perfumes that I always have in my cupboard. Having grown attached to the gorgeous timeless smell from a young age I’ve always had it around. I can still remember my first bottle. Absolutely love this as it makes you feel classic and sexy at the same time.

  4. This fragrance is just as sensual and the bottle, and that’s so distinct, this fragrance will never be mistaken for another, it is so distinct, sweet, it first comes across as spicy with powerful tones of citrus but once it settles on my skin it smells so sweet and strong, it hypnotizing your senses with its powerful undertones of rose, but almost a powdery scent of rose. The fragrance is incased securely in a metal tin which captures and almost restrains all the seductiveness until its sprayed onto your body. I was lucky enough to get a free gift with my purchase which was a jpg plastic bag and jpg body lotion. The body lotion isn’t as spicy as the fragrance itself, its more subtle and again the rose scent really comes through. I don’t want to recommend this to other women BECAUSE I WANT TO BE THE ONLY WOMAN THAT SMELLS THIS GOOD!!

  5. Distinctive, floral and long lasting, this fragrance is unmistakeable. Combined with notes of rose, vanilla, sandalwood, daffodils and amber this is a heady strong fragrance not for the faint hearted .Its’ a fragrance to love or hate. What’s your passion?

  6. Jean Paul Gaultier is one of my top 2 fragrances. It smells so unique and lasts the whole day. I love the bottle shape and value for money.

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Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Eau De Parfum Intense

Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Eau De Parfum Intense

Jean Paul Gaultier took the corset and turned it into a weapon of mass seduction – here's the latest ammunition.

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