Jimmy Choo Blossom EDP

Jimmy Choo Blossom EDP

Sparkling and vivacious, Jimmy Choo BLOSSOM is akin to the anticipation of a night with your best girlfriends and the sip of a first cocktail, the burst of excitement before the party starts. A bold new bouquet for bright young things, its coquettish charm has the beat of every city girl at its heart; joyful and alluring.

Top: Citrus & Red Berries
Heart: Sweet Pea & Rose
Bottom: White Musk & Sandalwood

Price: R795
Size: 60ml
Availability: Department stores.


4 Responses

  1. The smell is so feminine and floral. Not overpowering at all and very subtle. It does last quite well but not really suitable for night time. A great perfume for a lady of between 20 and 30 years.

  2. Jimmy Choo Blossom is not your average fruity floral scent. The mixture of sweet pea, citrus and berries results in a potent feminine fragrance that will bring out the girly-girl in you. Ladies who like sweet perfumes will LOVE Blossom. Sillage is great. Longevity is excellent.

  3. The Blossom is a summer perfume and has a youth element to it. It has a fresh smell which draws attention to you. It sticks to you. I love it very much.

  4. So to start the review off with I will start with the packaging, which is very pink with the Classic black Jimmy Choo logo with lots of silver glittery sparkles, in saying that I don’t like pink and never have, I like blues and purples but the black Jimmy Choo Logo I actually really like and would make me do a double take.
    The bottle itself is very cute, square shape in a kind of pink ombré color, with a dryer pink at the bottom of the bottle. It is simple and fits in my hand perfectly, more importantly easy to use, unlike some other perfume bottles.

    I prefer citrusy and fruity fragrances and this perfume is spot on in terms of what I like in a perfume scent. The smell is very light and fragrant, almost powdery but not too strong and overpowering. The ideal feminine fragrance.
    The staying power of this perfume was a little disappointing, I expected it to last longer. I lasted for about 3-4 hours after that I couldn’t really smell it anymore.
    Overall I Love this perfume and would definitely re-purchase this perfume again.

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