Justine Tissue Oil Gold

Justine Tissue Oil Gold

Introducing Justine’s most intensive Tissue Oil ever for face and body. Clinically proven to even out skin tone and fade dark spots in just 28 days.

Size: 100ml
Price: R385

What our Beauty Network Trial Team members say:

Justine Tissue Oil


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18 Responses

  1. You can smell the almond in this product. It helps reduce scars and stretch marks, fine lines and it gives it an even tone after using.

  2. I’ve been using this tissue oil on my face at night after cleansing and I really love it. It makes my skin feel so soft and hydrated when I wake up in the morning, and even though I have oily skin, surprisingly it does not make my skin more oily.

  3. I love this product, it really works. I have tried a lot of other brands but nothing comes close to this.

  4. I have tried a few tissue oils, for scars but this one really works wonders, in a shorter amount of time. It has a thick consistency that feels richer than competitors’, when you apply. The pump dispenser sometimes causes spillage, so you have to press it down well. I had nasty black marks in my armpits due to a deodorant burn and I thought it was never going to go away. I applied this oil morning and night and the marks were gone within a month!

  5. Tissue oil has been known to heal scars and marks – Justin Tissue oil does the job perfectly, this has been used for years and years in our family and passed on from generation to generation. My eldest son has a tracheostomy operation which left a scar on this throat – I used tissue oil for a few months which healed the scar – so much so that it is barely visible. I have seen other people who have had this operation who didn’t use anything and the scar is very visible.

  6. I love Justine and I am addicted to this oil, I always looking out for it. It works wonders with my dry skin. A must have if you have dry skin.

  7. My mother Loves Justine products & always make sure she places an order for me of Justine Tissue oil.
    I will forever cherish her for introducing me to this product which works well with my skin even on my face I use or bath time. I can’t go without!

  8. I have been using Justine for more than 15 years and their product range has never failed me.

    I love the Justine Tissue Oil Gold for the amazing effect it has on my skin…I have a dry skin and I apply it on my skin after a bath or shower. I especially like using it on my face after my bath at night. My skin immediately absorbs it and gives it a chance to breathe while I sleep…no make-up to interrupt the process.

    I love the scent, the easy-to-use pump equals less spills.

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