Kardashian Beauty Black Seed Oil


A nutrient rich treatment and styling aid that rejuvenates and nourishes hair so it appears strong, thick, smooth and gloriously shiny. This ultra-light formula is easily absorbed, instantly nourishing and smooth’s hair leaving no residue behind.

Apply a small amount into palm of hands and distribute evenly on damp hair to provide moisture and shine prior to blow dry styling. OR Apply a small amount into hands, use to smooth frizz at roots and ends or add shine to dry hair.

Price: R450
Size: 90ml
Available: www.kardashiansa.co.za



7 Responses

  1. Love the smell of this oil, does not leave my hair oily, absorbs fast after applying when blow-drying but leaves a beautiful shine.

  2. I discovered the Black seed oil from the Kardashian Beauty range last year. I simply love it, now it is nowhere to be found, only on import that does not ship to SA. This was the first hair care product I bought that actually does what it promises!

  3. I love hair oils! And Black seed oil is not something I had ever heard of so I was excited to try my sample of this Kardashian Beauty Black Seed Oil.
    It doesnt have the same amazing smell as the dry shampoo and conditioner in this range which I was disappointed about. But it does still have a nice subtle scent.
    It has a thick texture but is light weight once applied to hair. It is absorbed easily and doesn’t leave hair looking or feeling oily.
    Like the whole Kardashian Beauty hair range it is just too expensive for my budget and wouldn’t be something I would spend on.

  4. This is an awesome product and the best hair oil I’ve tried. It’s appears thick in consistency but once applied it’s lightweight and has a really nice scent. I love the packaging of the entire Kardashian beauty range with the sleek bottles and rose gold/ombre colours. After setting my long hair, two little squirts of the black seed oil applied from the mid-section towards the ends of the hair gives my hair a healthy, shiny look and leaves hair so nice and soft. It’s important to comb your hair thoroughly first and remove all knots so the product doesn’t clump up when applied and I like to comb through it again after application to ensure no oily patches build up. Once used, hair appears shiny and sleek. Perfect for taming my hair so it doesn’t get big and bushy. It also makes my split ends invisible so my hair looks nice and healthy!

  5. I’ve tried a number of different hair oils in the last few years and absolutely love them, so I was intrigued to see what this new one from the Kardashian Beauty range would offer. For me, two of the most noticeable things about it were the lovely scent, and how easily it absorbed into my hair. It has a very lightweight texture which didn’t weigh my hair down, nor leave me with a greasy texture. Once my hair was dry I could notice that my ends were a lot softer and easier to tame. With continued use I also noticed an improvement in the texture of my ends, meaning the oil really did it’s job! I have really been pleasantly surprised with this brand and would definitely recommend it.

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