Kardashian Beauty Take 2 Dry Shampoo

Kardashian Beauty Take 2 Dry Shampoo

Revives limp, lifeless hair by instantly absorbing excess oil and impurities that weigh hair down. This fast drying waterless spray, formulated with rejuvenating Black Seed Oil, extends the life of your style by refreshing the roots and providing a pure foundation for layered styling.

Price: R395
Available: www.kardashiansa.co.za


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  1. My favourite thing about this dry shampoo is the smell! In fact when I spray this in my hair I don’t even wear perfume; that’s how good it smells (there should be a perfume with this scent in my opinion).

    It is effective on the roots as a dry shampoo and leaves no residue at all. I wouldn’t say it is quite as effective as Batiste though.

    The bottle is very pretty as well with the black to metallic pink ombre.

    It is very pricey though, I would never spend that much on dry shampoo!.. could buy more then 5-6 bottles of Batiste Dry Shampoo for that price!

  2. I am leaving for Durbs in a few days and I am hoping to purchase this product because of the humidity. I have to wash my everyday because it gets oily so quickly. I am hoping that this will be the solution while I am on holiday as I can think of better things to do than washing my hair.

  3. The Kardashian Beauty Hair Take 2 Dry Shampoo is amazing, it doesn’t leave any residue or powder like some other dry shampoos I’ve tried.
    It is a bit pricey but totally worth it, the can is HUGE (and so so beautiful).

  4. I was really impressed with this dry shampoo. The packaging is great and the perfect amount comes out. I really enjoyed the scent it left in my hair. It wasn’t heavy and there was no white residue. It made my hair light and fluffy and good to go for another day without washing.

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