Kérastase Résistance Bain Thérapiste

Kérastase Résistance Bain Thérapiste

A well-deserved reward for every type of hair, Bain Thérapiste benefits from a new technology and is highly charged with cationic polymers to boost repair power. The unprecedented texture and the sensation of a semi-solid gel surround the fiber to reduce friction during washing.

Rub the product between the fingers and emulsify well to feel the transformation. Apply first to the ends and then to the lengths and roots to get a feel for the fiber and determine which areas are the most damaged. Rinse.

With the very first application, a rich mousse penetrates, revives and envelops the fiber.

Price: R270
Availability: Selected salons


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  1. This shampoo has such a rich, creamy texture, yet it does not make the hair feel heavy or let it feel as if it was weighed down. The scent is incredible and it lingers long after you’ve rinsed the product out. My hair feels soft, nourished and healthy after using this, and I am certain that it has repaired some damage as I no longer struggle with dullness. I also find that I need very little of the product as it spreads evenly. I absolutely love this range and would recommend it to anyone who struggles with breakage or damaged hair.

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