Kérastase Résistance Double Sérum Thérapiste

Kérastase Résistance Double Sérum Thérapiste

Doubly effective, this product combines an oil-based care agent, which has the particular quality of being able to very delicately moisturize the fiber, with a denser, cream-textured top-coat to treat and seal ends. A subtle mix of compounds that are highly cutting-edge but contradictory in terms of formulation, this product offers unique results. Third performance factor: the fibers are thermo-protected when using heated styling tools at temperatures of up to 230°C / 446°F.

Two small pump doses and the textures fuse in the palm of the hand. Emulsify with the fingertips and apply to the ends and lengths of towel-dried hair.

Price: R450
Availability: Selected salons


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  1. I am a big fan of hair serums and use them just about after every wash. I have been using this one with the rest of this range and I love the texture and consistency of it. The dual pump means that one clear fluid and one white fluid comes out, and these blend effortlessly into my hair. It smells fresh and spreads easily. The combination of this product with the others in the range has had a magnificent impact on my hair!

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