Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate replenishes skin with moisture and helps to recover radiance by morning. It has 99.8% naturally derived ingredients and is paraben-free.

Price: R585

Size: 30ml

Retailers: Kiehl’s counters

The Kiehl’s brand is relatively new to me and the Midnight Recovery Concentrate has been my first introduction to the brand.  I am very particular when it comes to night time serums, but I had heard good reviews about this product, making me eager to try the Midnight Recovery Concentrate. Firstly – I am a judge a book by the cover type of girl and this applies to beauty products and their packaging. Kiehl’s has some pretty great packaging!  A gorgeous navy blue bottle with the best serum dispenser I have ever used; a smart medicine type dropper lid that dispenses just the right amount of serum.  It is recommended that 3 drops of serum be used, although I found that I need one or two drops more than the suggested 3 drops, but this is because I have extremely dry skin.

The serum feels very luxurious and has a silky texture, giving it a feeling of ultimate luxury. It is clear in colour, but boy does this serum have the best knock your socks of scent! Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate contains Evening Primrose Oil, Lavender and other essential oils which aid in restoring the moisture balance of you skin, while making skin feel smooth and soft with a radiant glow! Once applied, the serum absorbed quickly, and my skin had a wonderful luminous finish.

The results are wonderful!  Tired and dry skin is completely rehydrated, giving your skin an all round glow! After a week of committed night time application, I noticed my skin felt plump and the dry patches on my chin, nose and forehead had all disappeared.  This product is definitely a keeper!

– Janice 



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11 Responses

  1. Got myself a sample and I am hooked, busy saving to get myself a full size product. This is an amazing product, elegant packaging, smell alright and does the job superbly. An investment every beauty should make.

  2. I’ve been using my Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate for just over a year and will have to look extremely hard to find a product that is better for my skin! Although it is oil-based and I have a combination skin, this product makes my skin look so soft and healthy. I am in love with this little miracle bottle and its content.

  3. After trying out a sample of this iconic product, I knew that I needed to get my hands on this Kiehls bestseller. This oil is unlike anything I have ever tried and the smell is hedonistic and beautiful. Oh and its natural so no nasty parabens etc. I love the marriage of skincare loving ingredients and the fact that a few drops is all that’s needed to transform the skin into a glowing sensation by morning. I love the genius bottle which reminds me of an apothecary. That’s Kiehls magic and this Midnight treat delivers 100%. I love the fact that the lavender lulls me to sleep. If there is one product you must buy in this range, let it be this magical one. It works and I am a convert!

  4. I was so excited to try this product and bought the full size bottle from Kiehl’s a few months ago. This was after hearing rave reviews about how it is hydrating without being oily, and how it soothes tired skin. I have combination skin with dehydration and really need a serum to help my skin out.

    So when I started using this product my skin felt great for a couple of days (I only used it at night) but then I started feeling very oily and congested. I was suspicious about this new addition to my established skincare routine so I stopped using it. Unfortunately I still suffered a terrible breakout of small persistent spots which took months and many expensive (and painful!) facials to now have my skin back to normal.

    I contacted Kiehl’s South Africa to request a refund but they were unhelpful in this regard. So now I have a full bottle on my shelf. I am too scared to try it again.

  5. This is a beautiful product. It smells divine and you only need a few drops. You may think it’s expensive, but this is really going to last you months and months. It sinks into my skin and my skin feels soft and supple when I wake the next day. It is also quite calming when my skin is stressed. I must say that I prefer using it during the colder months as it doesn’t seem to work that well with my skin that tends to get very oily during summer. For me, this is a winter must-have.

  6. A few drops of this hedonistic and heavenly oil massaged into the skin does more than give you über glowing skin the next morning. For me, this oil transported me into a blissful spa sanctuary were I was feeding my thirsty skin with natural goodness. The oil sinks into the skin with no oily residue and leaves the skin feeling satin smooth. This oil is always sold out at Kiehls and I now understand why. This is cult status oil which truly works miracles!

  7. I have been using this serum every night for the past 10 months. It truly helps moisturise dehydrated skin and my skin has never before felt so soft and smooth. Most people tend to use a lot of serum but one only requires 3 drops to cover your face and neck. You can also add it to your moisturiser if you don’t want to apply it directly to your skin. I truly love that this is all natural and good for my skin. It’s rather pricey (Around R600 a bottle) but I have been using the same bottle for around 10 months now. Great value!

  8. I received this as a sample, and such a generous sample that it lasted an entire month!! The scent is divine, faintly lavender. It is fresh and not at all oily. It absorbs immediately and a few drops go a long way. After a few days I noticed my skin feeling much softer and looking brighter. I love that this has no harsh chemicals in it and Kiehl’s is such a trusted and well-known brand. Every women should try this at least once!

  9. I used a sample that was given to me from the store and used it up within three weeks (which by the way is a very generous sample and they’re very good at that). I loved what it does to my skin so I’ve bought the big bottle and I’ve been using it most nights for about 3 months. My cheeks are super dry so I use more than recommended – I do two drops on each cheek and one drop for the rest of my face. My skin soaks it up and although it’s ever so slightly greasy and shiny, I don’t mind because it’s light and I’m sleeping through it. I have clear skin but my main concern is tight fine lines from dehydration because of my dry cheeks and this helps plump it up and give a really nice glow. Very much worth the spend and it’ll last a long time.

  10. I’ve tried a sample of this for about a month. I really liked it. My skin felt smooth the next morning. The fragrance is so yummy and pleasant. I just wish it wasn’t so expensive though (the full sized bottle). But I would most definitely tag it as a great product to have.

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