Labello Lip Butter Raspberry Rose

Labello Lip Butter Raspberry Rose

Using the tip of your finger, apply the delicious Lip Butters and you’ll instantly enjoy the rich formula which melts onto your lips, restoring suppleness and adding a silky gloss. The luscious Lip Butters come in three luxurious variants: Raspberry Rose, Vanilla & Macadamia and Original.

Shea Butter ensures the Lip Butter melts the moment it touches your lips with its creamy consistency rich in vitamins. It protects the sensitive skin of the lips from external influences.
Mild Almond Oil and Vitamin E calm very dry lips for unique and long- lasting softness.
Hydra IQ technology ensures long-lasting moisturisation.

Price: R29.99
Availability: Leading retail outlets and pharmacies nationwide.


23 Responses

  1. Why is labello lip Butter not available anymore? It was the best lip balm ever. Is there no chance to put it back on the shelves?

  2. Hi. Did they discontinue the labello raspberry lip butter? I can fink is any of the normal stores any more. Please help.

      1. Oh my word,why,I lik their product soooo much. I have been looking for it.
        Do you know why?

  3. I don’t think I’d ever leave the house without a lip balm one of my favorites is the Labello Raspberry Rose Lip Butter.

    The product comes in a little adorable tin which I really like but the tin can be easily bent or dents after you’ve dropped it. It can be a bit tricky to open the lip balm because the lid is firm but the good news is that there’s no way it could accidentally coming off and ruin your lip balm. The tin is easy to carry and can fit into a pocket.

    As soon as you open it you can smell the raspberry rose which surprisingly smells like a packet of sweets. The actual butter is slightly greasy but not in a bad way, you have to use your finger to apply the product onto your lips but it does go on easily. The lip butter is a light pink colour and soft to touch.

    I personally use this at night because it lasts so long and because it leaves your lips looking a little pale before the product sinks into your lips, but all in all the product did its job and always left my lips soft and feeling moisturized, another bonus is the price, you can get it for R30

  4. I’m currently using the Raspberry Rose butter. It’s a definite must-have product, especially if you’re not a person who uses lipsticks and lip glosses often. It leaves your lips nourished for long, has an easy feel and look, not forgetting the nice scent to it and it is so easy to apply!

  5. The Labello lip butter range is my go-to winter lip treatment. I apply a generous amount at night and in the morning I have baby soft lips. Plus it comes in a cute tin. The smell is great and the colour is like milky pink. Although its a bit pricy it’s kinda worth it. The raspberry rose comes in a pink metal tin. That makes it convenient to carry around. The texture is a bit thick, not like your normal Labello. The only down side is that you would have to put your finger in to use it. I love this product.

  6. Great price and it leaves your lips soft smooth and hydrated. Also great scent!

  7. This product is really not something to write home about. The only reason I tried it is because it was something new on the shelf and I was curious. The packaging is not the best and I found it hard to open sometimes. The actual product is not terrible but it reminds me of petroleum jelly, petroleum jelly that just smells really nice.

    It’s not terrible, but I wouldn’t go back and purchase it again.

  8. The first time I bought this product I got it in vanilla and every time I opened it my friends would think am eating some divine desert because they small amazing, one of my friends ended up stealing it, my baby sister stole the next one, because they got hooked then I found the raspberry and rose edition in one of my Cosmo magazines. It was even better than the vanilla and ever since I started using Labello lip butter nothing works as well as it does. It is a great moisturizer and lasts. The container is quite big thus I have never finished the whole tub besides the thefts. It is a perfect base for lipsticks and lip-glosses as they tend to lack moisture and plus the price is just right.

  9. I so love Labello Lip Butter Raspberry its smells nice, smoothen my lips leaving them healthy and soft.

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