LCN Lip Gloss

LCN Lip Gloss

Lustrous, shiny and seductively fragrant lip gloss. Highly pigmented with great, long-lasting color. The silky, super-hydrating formula plumps lips with nourishing moisture.

Price: R315


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  1. On the 26th October 2015 I entered a competition via LCN facebook page little did I know that come month end October I’ll be announced as a winner for that particular competition. In my package there was a flawless primer and a brush.

    I am so loving LCN beauty products for the mere fact that they are so real and delivers too. I’ve had the pleasure to test the LCN hand & body sorbet in both flavors : watermelon & pomegranate which retails for R220.00 each.

    Now so hooked with this LCN Flawless skin primer, it is silky soft in gel texture the scent is mind blowing.

    It comes in a 50ml and retails for R650.00 quite pricey but hopefully worth the price tag.

    The brush is so silky too feels nice on skin since I tried it on and retails for R635.00.

    LCN are slowly but surely becoming my favorite.

    They have a website where you can order online 010 5933293 or email them at

    They currently have a sale on their website

    I shall write a review once tried and tested but so far I’m in love.

  2. Unfortunately, looking at the LCN lip-gloss it did not inspire much excitement if I am perfectly honest. The packaging is plain and dreary and the branding is not especially memorable or attractive. On application, it is light, smooth and soft; however, it does not smell very appealing.
    It is not particularly durable in the sense that it only lasted 30 minutes to an hour. It provided a light glow on the lips. I think it would probably be suitable for all ages as an alternative to lipstick. Personally, I have mixed feelings about this product. I like it in terms of its texture and feel. I dislike it in terms of its lack-lustre packaging and tawdry smell. It reminds me of a bargain product available at all South-African flea-markets. There are too many negative aspects related to this product to overlook. In all honesty, I would undoubtedly not purchase this product.

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