LCN Nail Polish Tender Lace

LCN Nail Polish Tender Lace

LCN professional polishes are high-performance lacquers that incorporate innovative nanotechnology to maximize and create unbeatable durability, strength and shine. And not only do our polishes perform – they’re free of the “Big 5″: DBP; Toluene; Formaldehyde; Cetyl Alcohol; Camphor!

Price: R210
Availability: 0877 510 410 or at

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One Response

  1. While the final effect of this nail polish looked great, I have two criticisms:

    1) The nail polish was quite streaky when I first applied it, so I found that I had to apply a few layers to get a nice, solid look.

    2) It took ages to dry! While this isn’t a problem if you have time, it’s not an ideal polish to quickly apply before leaving the house!

    Once I had applied a few layers, and it had eventually dried, the nail polish did look really nice. The colour is a very pale pink. If you like pastels, this is a great option in terms of the shade, and I would be tempted to try some other colours in the range. The polish itself feels quite strong, and does last without chipping for a good amount of time – always a big plus, of course!

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