Montblanc Legend Limited Edition

The 2012 Special Edition introduces a new olfactive and graphic interpretation of Montblanc Legend, playing with one color code often used in Montblanc universe and collections. This is the first special edition, but the dark blue color has always been part of the Montblanc men’s collections. Faithful to the contemporary elegance of Montblanc Legend, this edition maintains the pure and sophisticated signature of the original fragrance. A surprising new duo of frosted ginger and aromatic spearmint immediately reveals a frozen, sparkling, sharp freshness, breathing an invigorating energy into the fragrance and stimulating the senses. The heart note remains magnetic, with white cedar, rose, fresh jasmine and pomarose whereas the dry down notes owe their unforgettable signature to an overdose of evernyl, ambrofix, sandalwood and tonka beans.


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  1. The scent is a four, but the staying power is a one – at best. A good smell but it just does not last at all. You have to use way too much. Would not buy again.

  2. The original in the black bottle is absolutely amazing. This is just as good. I’ll def want my guy to be wearing this as well.

  3. Okay… So I had the opportunity the other day to go test this one out for myself and may I say: “It smells amazing!!!” I mean, it’s got everything I want in a perfume – “the Complete Package”, as I like to call it. The Packaging is well presented and very attractive, the bottle itself has that frosted look and feel to it, so it gives you that free-feeling of being high up in the mountains and breathing in that fresh air… It’s fresh, light and very desirable. This one just bumped up very high on my “must own list”. 5 out of 5 for this one! .A.

  4. This is the ultimate fragrance for men, wish my wife will get me one for Xmas i love it, one of friends has a bottle and i really like smell of Mont Blanc.

  5. Oh it has a divine smell, and i love it just a pity my husband only sticks to one fragrance, maybe i can get him to buy this special edition because it has a very sexy smell.

  6. I did not buy it myself for my husband, but my grandchild got himself a bottle of mont blanc, and i have to say that ouma really like the smell of this fragrance for men.

  7. How i love this product, i am putting this on my Birthday list or Xmas list i wish somebody will buy it for me, really love the smell of Mont Blanc, had a sniff off this at a shopping mall and i gaga about it.

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