Woolworths Lip & Cheek Tint: Blush

A colour tint will give your lips a sultry matt finish and your cheeks and understated flush. Try the pink, berry and coral shades.

What we say:
With the cold winter months slowly creeping in on us, everyone needs a good quality cream blusher that is going to moisturise the skin and provide a healthy glow. As I only use a cream blusher in winter, I prefer to go for a budget friendly option and splurge on a high end powder blush for the warmer months.
I was slightly apprehensive of the intense colour of the blush in its packaging, however the blush is sheerer than it looks and it blended into my skin effortlessly giving my cheeks a perfect pop of colour. I am not convinced that I would use Cheery Cherry as a lip tint as the sheer stained finish looked washed out on my lips. I prefer a pink tint on my lips, so I will definitely be investing in the Pink shade! I was initially put off by the strong ‘make-up’ smell, however once blended into the skin the smell mellowed and was soon unnoticeable.
At only R49.95, the Lip & Cheek Tint is the ideal guilt free purchase and its compact size makes it perfect for when you on-the-go.

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45 Responses

  1. I really love this product for a subtle dash of colour to my lips and cheeks. Perfect for my day look, its not too overpowering, plus the creamy texture means I can spread it on evenly. I have had difficulty with some powdered blush where it gathers in certain areas and it’s hard to even it out without wiping it all away.

  2. I simply love Woolies goodies. At such an affordable price to. Unfortunately my skin tends to be oily, but I can still use it on my lips. That coral pink is absolutely divine.

  3. I’m such a fan of Woolies make up. I can’t leave my favourite store without a little girly treat for myself. This Lip and Cheek Tint gives my cheeks a healthy glow plus it makes my skin soft. This blends in so easily. I recently got into trying samples of fragrances and I must say, WOW. Thanks woolies for giving us ladies such a great choice not only in fashion but in your beautiful make up, fragrance and beauty products.

  4. At this price it is well worth trying these cream blushers. I have not really had success with cream blushers before because I wear powder, so I will apply my powder lightly over the cream blusher and see how that works for me!

  5. I love the pinks just for my cheeks though, I wouldn’t use it on my lips. I prefer to use a lipstick or lipgloss on my lips as it is more conditioning and pigmented.

  6. Hi Pannack

    In general, people with oily skins tend to prefer powder blush, as it absorbs excess oil. Creamy blush can be quite hydrating, but it really depends from person to person. As these are so affordable, it may be worth purchasing one and testing it, and if you find it doesn’t work well with your skin, you could perhaps pass it on to a lucky friend :)

  7. Looks lovely and love the two in one action. Would it not be too greasy an option for oily skin? I would love to try it though!

  8. This is my first cream blush, and i’m in love. I always want my face to have a dewy look to it in winter, and this blush gives me just that…and the price is so low I can afford to get more than a couple of these beauties :)

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