Lip Ice Tinted Gloss Range

Lip Ice Tinted Gloss Range

Lip Ice has launched the new Range of Tinted Gloss available in 4 variants: Bubblegum Kisses, Summer Melon, Strawberry Sorbet and Sweet Mint.

The Tinted Gloss Lip Ice has 3-in-1 benefits which consumers are looking for: Moisture & Care; a stunning tint for your lips and a glossy finish to give your lips the perfect pout. Perfect for all ages with delicious fragrance burst of bubblegum, melon, sweet mint and strawberry sorbet! Bold and bright colour blocking packaging to make this Lip Ice newby- your bestie in your handbag and the ultimate lip care accessory for 2015!

Price: R19.99
Availability: All leading retailers


7 Responses

  1. I’m not too big of a fan of this one, the texture slightly reminds me of hard fat. Considering that though, it is hydrating.

  2. Bought this product at Dischem, and the packaging seemed to pop right off the shelves with its’ bright neon colors. I just wished they spent more time to make the simmer and wonderful smell of the lip ice more intense. You get the subtle hint of watermelon which smells very nice. It also makes your lips feel softer and I keep reaching for it in my purse. I just wished that the tint wasn’t so subtle. Overall, a great product.

  3. My favourite is the bubblegum one, it leaves a subtle but glossy light pink shade that is very moisturizing and smells incredible!

  4. With 4 lovely variants in this range, it is very hard for me to find a favourite. # variants are tinted and glossy and perfect to apply over your lipstick for a little extra touch of nourishment and gloss. The sweet mint one is clear, but still gives a glossy finish with added nourishment.
    I love all of them and have a favourite for every lipstick colour!

  5. This product is effective. It left my lips feeling smooth and soft, while providing it with a subtle shine. This product is meant to leave your lips feel moisturized while protecting them from feeling chapped. It is also meant to provide a natural sheen your lips, which is did. My lips felt very smooth and softer. The packaging is funky. It is prefect for younger people. It comes in luminous colours, which are very eye-catching. It has a lovely sweet melon smell. It smells divine. It smooths on very well. It is light and is a great texture, which is not too sticky. I would recommend it to females who loves funky packaging.

  6. Lip Ice was the brand of chapstick that I grew up with. For a long while, it was the only one around in my area. My biggest problem with it was the heavy, petroleum-jelly favouring feeling it left behind. It was a thick layer left behind on my lips and if you happened to be lucky enough to kiss anyone, you would have to do so with the fear of leaving a significant oily smooch mark behind. It was also clear which had little cosmetic value. But, at the end of the day, it did the job and had a wide range of scents or flavours.
    Labello came around and solved most of the problems listed above. It was more costly than Lip Ice. SoftLips had a tingly feeling when you applied it and was not as heavy, but it was also clear and left your lips almost-chapped when you stopped using it. This was more costly than Labello. Now, years later, Lip Ice is back on top of the game with this tinted gloss range at a price that doesn’t break the bank.
    This product is very hydrating and provides a natural, attractive tinge at a good price. I would call it a shinier (glossier) version of the Maybelline Baby Lips. Try this product out!

  7. I love this product so much. The range was released just in time for winter to battle dry lips. It is so good to use along with my lipstick. It is definitely a necessity.

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