Long & Lasting Moisturising Activator Spray

Moisturises and protects natural, permed or textured hair. Long and Lasting Moisturising Activator spray contains Panthenol. The spray is easy to apply and penetrates each strand of hair, creating a uniform layer on the hair that helps to soften and rejuvenate the hair. Specially formulated to replace lost moisture following chemical treatments or dry climatic conditions.
Price: R24.20
Size: 250ml
Availability: Leading retailers nationwide

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One Response

  1. A few day ago, I braided my hair. Having read the purpose of this product, I decided to take a risk and spray it on my braided hair, but mostly because my scalp was itchy, and I kept on spraying. As cold as it is, I sprayed my scalp to get rid of the itchiness. To my surprise, my problem was sorted in minutes. My daughter also used it on her hair as well. Her hair is so soft and well maintained that she can even comb her own hair now. This helps to minus one thing from my long morning list.

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