Love My Hair Ultra Low Chemical Hair Colour

Love My Hair Ultra Low Chemical Hair Colour

Gives your hair rich, permanent colour, gives complete grey coverage in one application. Application time is 30-50 minutes. Contains very low concentrations of chemicals.  When the powder is correctly diluted with water, all the chemical ingredients together comprise a maximum of only 2% of the total. This makes Ultra dye the lowest dose chemical hair dye available in South Africa.

Does not contain any ammonia or resorcinol. Will not lighten hair. The perfect product for people who are not allergic to the chemicals in hair dye, but who nevertheless want to reduce their exposure to these chemicals.

Each box contains 100 g of dye powder, 10 ml of organic, extra-virgin coconut oil, a pair of nitrile application gloves and a detailed instruction leaflet.

Price: R169
Availability: Selected health stores and online stores. Find stockists here.

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2 Responses

  1. The LOVE MY HAIR HONEY BROWN I received to try out, is a wonderful product. So easy to use, I mix 7 teaspoons of dye and a little warm water to make a paste, and have enough over to touch up if needed, it covers all my grey hair. The LOVE MY HAIR is so safe to use because of the only 2% chemicals and doesn’t have a strong smell when dying, my hair look and feel wonderful and I would recommend LOVE MY HAIR ULTRA LOW CHEMICAL HAIR COLOUR to every one. After I dyed it I used the organic extra virgin coconut oil and my hair feel so soft, and I would use the LOVE MY HAIR always.

  2. The hair dye being reviewed had a very light henna smell when mixed but after I washed it off there was no smell at all. The dye caught on fast to my hair and within 30 minutes I could see a dark stain forming. The dye when mixed was a smooth paste and was really easy to open and mix given that the package came with clear instructions. The packaging though could use more excitement and was a standard Hair Dye size packaging. My hair feels amazingly soft and lustrous after dying it with this brand of hair dye, with lots of people noticing the change in condition and colour of my hair. The dye did not stain or burn my scalp as it has an ultra-low chemical formula which worked wonders on my hair. I would definitely recommend this product to everyone I know as it is one of the best hair dyes I’ve used so far. It dyed my hair to perfection and I would definitely buy it again. The Hair is definitely to ‘Dye’ for!

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