MAC Lipstick

Colour plus texture for the lips. Stands out on the runway. Simmers on the street! What made M·A·C famous.

Price: R190
Availability:  MAC stores nationwide or

What we say:
When it comes to make-up looks, there is nothing more beautiful than a clean complexion paired with a beautiful red statement lip!

In my opinion there is only one red lipstick that need be mentioned and that is MAC shade Russian Red. I have a cool skin tone, so I prefer lipstick shades that have a blue undertone and MAC have perfected that with Russian Red. It is the perfect true red that has just the right amount of cool tone in it!

If you are looking for a long lasting lipstick then MAC’s original lipstick formula is the one for you. I apply my lipstick with a lip brush as I find it to be the most precise application and once I have blotted my lips my lipstick is set for up to 4 hours. Considering this lipstick isn’t marketed as a “long wear” lipstick, I’d say 4 hours is pretty darn good, especially considering the fact that this lipstick can make it through eating!

The finish of this lipstick is the perfect mix of matte and high shine as it doesn’t have an overly glossy finish, but it stills has a touch of shine to it. Because it has a touch of shine to it, I also find that it isn’t as drying as most matte lipsticks.

I have two nude shades in this formula and I love them both equally. I honestly don’t think you can go wrong with this lipstick. With over 100 shades to choose from, you are bound to find our perfect shade for every season!
– Emily, BSA Social Media & Community Manager

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21 Responses

  1. The past week I have found myself being drawn to a certain MAC lipstick. I don’t use MAC very often because I find it expensive however I make an exception for lipsticks because I love the colour and feel of MAC on my lips.

    This week I needed to use a dark purple shade of lipstick on a dark skinned girl. Being a huge fan of purple on coloured skin, I stumbled upon the lipstick named ‘rebel’.

    I used it all week and each time, the colour came out just as beautiful as the time before. Since I was using the colour for screen, I needed to reply it and keep the colour fresh often. What I loved about this lipstick was that I did not have to completely reapply it each time, just touching it up seemed to do the trick.

    Being able to only touch up the colour every few hours was great for me because I did not waste as much product. Additionally, the lipstick didn’t dry my model’s lips as much which made it a more pleasurable experience for her too. I was really impressed with this lipstick and am going to continue to grow my MAC lipstick collection.

  2. I used the ‘Love Lorn’ shade and used it to its very last! It was a smooth application, colour rich so no need to apply heavily – which also feels light on the lips. Normally a long lasting lipstick dries out the lips but this one does not. The top gloss may dissapear as the day goes on but the colour stays and your lips stay soft. Amazing formula, nice scent and sleek black packaging. The lipstick for the busy, sophisticated, modern woman.

  3. I have always had an obsession with lips, I think that they are the most beautiful part of the body, even more so when MAC Lipstick is applied. The volume, the intensity of the colours and the TEXTURE is absolutely amazing, I highly recommend MAC Lipstick to all in search of not only a great brand but a fantastic “pick me upper”.

  4. I simply love the matte range of MAC lipstick. It has super staying power. Although it’s a bit pricey it’s definitely worth the investment.

  5. Mac got famous because of their lipsticks. I absolutely love them. These come in a variety of formulae. They have LUSTRE, CREMESHEEN, MATTE, AMPLIFIED and I’m not sure how many others lol.

    So far i have 2. Both are cremesheen finishes. One is MYSTICAL which was LE. And the other is CREME IN YOUR COFFEE. Creme in your coffee is a lovely autumn/ winter shade for when you don’t want something too dark or brown.

    All the MAC lipsticks come in the usual MAC black bullet excl LE versions. And they have the yummiest Vanilla scent.

    Overall i love MAC lipsticks and my next purchase is probably going to be the matte Kinda Sexy.

  6. I’ve generally just always been a labello kind of girl, always afraid of lipstick because they tend to sit in the corner of your mouth or end up almost scratching ones lips, but I’m happy to report that I’ve been converted :) Their lipsticks are creamy and soft and glide on so easily, giving awesome colour and moisture. Have no clue what took me this long. Will definitely be splurging every few months on a new shade.

  7. I used to have dry lips as a result if I put on a lipstick i would need lipgloss either before applying my lipstick of after.
    After using MAC Lipstick Matte though, I find that my lips do not get dry and the Bubble Gum one suites my dark skin very well. I find it hard as a dark skinned lady to find a suitable colour that will not be too much. Bubble Gum met all my expectations….

  8. I accepted the fact that I was not exactly the perfect candidate for a beige lipstick and settled on the Patisserie.

    This colour is a cross between a nude and pale pink with a little bit of gold flecks in it (it also smells divine)

    Depending on your skintone/natural colour of your lips this product will sort of blend in with your undertone and the colour payoff will be either a pale pink if you have naturally pink lips or a soft shimmery dusty pink.

    It is perfectly suitable for everyday use and has a lovely sheen to it with a creamy- lip balm sort of feel to it.

    Because it is quite creamy, if nothing else is used on your lips it will need to be reapplied in around 60-90 minutes.

  9. Heroine is a beautiful purple matte lipstick which costs R195. Like any MAC lipstick, this lipstick is really pigmented and because it’s matte, it lasts on your lips. It comes in 3g which is the standard size for all their lipsticks. This color is super stunning on any woman, regardless of your complexion. The price may be steep but given how long it’s going to last me, it’s well worth it.

  10. I think part of the reason why MAC has become so successful in the beauty industry is because of their lipstick line. The lipsticks are incredible, the pigment is insane and it last’s for so long. On a normal day at work I probably reply the lipstick once or twice. This product has become a huge part of my beauty routine, I actually wish I could insure all 30something of my mac lippies…from Heroine, Riri Woo, Daddys little girl, Up The Amp, Lady Danger, Dangerous, Candy Yum-Yum, Twig, Viva Glam 2, Cyber, Smoked Purple….the list is endless all. MAC lippies are on POINT!!!!!

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MAC Matte Lipstick - Russian Red

MAC Matte Lipstick - Russian Red

An intense bluish-red matte lipstick
MAC Matte Lipstick - Candy Yum-Yum

MAC Matte Lipstick - Candy Yum-Yum

One of my favourite neon pink lipsticks
MAC Matte Lipstick - Heroine

MAC Matte Lipstick - Heroine

A Bright purple [Matte] shade.

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