Kenzo Madly Kenzo

What we say:
‘A burlesque dancer, snake whisperer, mime, Japanese cauliflower and Alice in Wonderland-style petite fours made for a memorable launch of Kenzo’s new fragrance. And if the scent is anything like the High Tea that launched it, it will be just as memorable.

‘As 20-or-so beauty editors ooed and aahed at the afternoon’s entertainment, I kept expecting the Mad Hatter to pop out from behind a decal. I soon forgot about the fantasy world at the end of a rabbit hole as I began to learn more about Kenzo and the perfumery’s intriguing fragrance.

‘Perfumer Aurelien Guichard wanted to create a fragrance ‘for a woman who dreams, who’s full of life, happy’ and to cause what he deems love at first scent – to leave behind a unique trace. And I must admit, that he’s done just that.

‘Madly Kenzo’s EDP is a strong, intense oriental floral, while the EDT is a lighter, fruitier floral. But the moment you smell it, you’ll know exactly which Kenzo woman you are! The eau de parfum opens with an orange blossom top note, blooming into heliotrope and rose heart notes and concluding with cedar, incense and vanilla essence base notes. In contrast, the eau de toilette opens with pear and litchi top notes, also merging into heliotrope but jasmine heart notes, and then cedar and musk rounds out the base notes.

‘From the advertising campaigns you’d be correct in guessing that butterflies play a major role in the fragrance’s theme. And when designer Ron Arad was called upon to create the bottle, he imagined a stylised butterfly wing in motion, almost spiraling. Simple, yet unique and iconic. The Kenzo woman can also be summed up in the butterfly theme as well, ‘moving and elusive, they symbolise the thrill of beauty and freedom’. So when you wear this fragrance ladies, imagine giving in to your dreams and desires, and having audacity to do the things you desire. That’s what it means to be Madly Kenzo.’
– Megan

Madly Kenzo will be available from 31 August 2012 at leading retail stores. The 30ml EDT retails from R495, 50ml EDT from R745 and the 30ml EDP for R595, and 50ml EDP from R830.

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32 Responses

  1. So different and so attractive, really want to smell this fragrance but already know it will be amazing.

  2. The packaging is very nice. I hope it doesnt smell as strong as there other fragrances.

  3. This will be a fragrance that i am going to add to my Xmas list, what caught my attention is the colour wow it’s feminine and beautiful, but the shape of the bottles is a bonus, i can bet this fragrance will be light and great.

  4. wow wow wow totally different when it comes to the bottles it’s beautiful and the colours are so attractive, think this will be a great fragrance by Kenzo.

  5. i can just guess that it will improve on the previous frangrance which is already a winner, this will be a star.

  6. They remind me off huge tear drop earings, i could not find a tester anywhere, but have to say i will buy this perfume because of the bottle it’s different and feminine and really beautiful.

  7. Wow such a beautiful bottle, i really hope the fragrance will be great, have to get this one for my girl.

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