Lenthéric Masculin Invincible

Masculine Invincible is the bold male fragrance from the House of Lenthéric. This is for the guy who knows what he wants and likes taking control of every situation, actively seeking opportunities for success. Try it if you like a mixture of woody, marine and fruity, green notes.

What we say:
‘Firstly, I love the packaging, it’s fresh and funky. The sweet aromatic scent kept lingering, and I didn’t really like the first few bursts as it was a bit overwhelming. But when splashed it on, it felt revitalising and refreshing. The scent should last between three and four hours, weather dependant, as in summer sweat will diminish it. A splash during the course of the day will help keep the fresh though. There is, however, a little feminine after-fragrance, which is OK I guess, if you’re into that kind of thing. I feel it fits the age group 25 to 35. While I’ll give it 5 out of 10, the ladies also think it’s OK’.
– Grant

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7 Responses

  1. Is this price for real, can’t believe it, looks goods love the packaging and after i have read the reviews i will make a point out of it to go to Clicks and Foshini just have to smell this, will let you know if it’s nice or not.

  2. Gee where can i get this i can afford to buy this fragrance, but at our clicks and foshini is was not available, would love to get for my Husband because i love the silver and black box and the bottle.

  3. Oh honey’s i got this for my man a few days ago, when he saw it, the first question was how much, when i told him the price he couldn’t believe it, and when he opened the package he was so crazy about the bottle never mind the smell he just went bonkers about the fragrance, it’s lovely and cute get it, it’s a bargain for a great fragrance.

  4. After reading the reviews, I’m persuaded to give it a try. “Different” type of packaging as well. I was just wondering why this product fits the age group 25 to 35. Any particular reason ?

  5. My compliments to Lentheric on this amazing fragrance, the matt silver and charcoal packaging is eye catching, the design is a bit petite for a for a male fragrance but i love it, could not believe the price tag when i saw it, but most of all the smell of this fragrance is fresh and different think this might become a top seller.

  6. It’s a very attractive package, bought it a week ago was a bit sceptic because of the price and there was no tester available but the sales lady recommended it to me so i took her word on this one, my what a overwhelmingly brilliant smell, it’s a very manly type of fragrance, and it’s affordable, take my word for it, it’s divine.

  7. Ag it looks so adoreable the little bottle and the price is to die for, but have to honest i could not find this at click or foshini, maybe it’s because it’s so popular that there was no stock left, but will really look out for this one.

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