Mavala Mava+ Extreme Care for Hands

For active hands, busy with gardening, manual or artistic tasks, outside sports and other activities. Mava+ Extreme Care for Hands protects and relieves reddened, irritated, dry hands or damaged by external factors (cold, sun, harsh climatic changes, wind, use of solvents and detergents).

What we say:
‘The best product for hands I have EVER tried! My hands have gone through decades of detergents and are hardly ever out of water. Therefore I needed a miracle. It appeared in the form of Mava+. The packaging does not do its product justice, being rather cold and clinical, a stark red and white box and the tube itself is not attractive. But never judge a product by its package as this hand cream is the best on the market, in my opinion.

‘When I first applied it, it seemed to take a while to absorb but be patient and it will settle. Subsequent applications were fine. It may be that one needs to get used to the film component in it which coats ones skin.

‘Made in Switzerland it is extreme care for hands and very dry skin – chapped irritated and reddened. The Extreme Care for Hands forms a film maintaining continuous hydration and protection. It contains a botanical complex based on heart seed oil which strengthens the skin barrier and soothes irritated cracked red skin. Shea butter nourishes and softens while it calms softens and soothes. I can vouch for all these claims and its fragrance free.

‘This is one product I would happily spoil myself with for the rest of my days!’
– Tarryn


10 Responses

  1. I liked it, but I didnt love it. I found it a bit too greasy. I guess its great for winter, but if you work at the computer all day, you need something that absorbs quickly so you dont get grease on everything you touch.

  2. Looks good but the price phew i hope this product will deliver good results will go to Dis Chem and buy it and will let you know if it’s worth it.

  3. Would love to give this product a go sounds awesome, maybe beauty will give us a competition on this will be great.

  4. A bit expensive, but judging by Tarryn’s review, I guess it’s worth it. Wish I could get hold of a sample for testing this product.

  5. Fragrance free sounds incredible, a must have, don’t want my hand lotion to smell louder than my perfume : )

  6. This hand creme sounds amaizing. With my hands always been in the water doing dishes and washing i have very dry hands. In winter it is even worse.Will have to try this one. I have used many hand creams but nother seems to help. Maybe this is the one.

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