Mavala Oasis Color’s

Mavala Oasis Collection

Inspired by sub-Saharan lands, the Oasis collection will add a touch of sun-kissed warmth to your manicure for the new season. Including a new extra long wear formula and a super glossy finish.

Available in 6 shades: Orchid Mauve, Sand Rose, Sky Blue, Sunset Orange, Treasure, Wind Breeze.

Price: R68
Availability: Dis-Chem and Clicks stores


3 Responses

  1. I love nail polish. I love it so much that I cannot actually say how many nail polishes I have at any one point. I have used most brands of nail polish and this particular brand is in my top three of value for money versus quality.

    For me the most important factor in a nail polish is the wear. I want my polish to stay put for at least five days. Beyond that is a bonus.
    I find these formulas to wear much longer than most. The Colours are true to the displays. The product applies easily. It also has a longer shelf life and stays thin much longer than others.

    The challenge from a consumer point of view is the small packaging of these products. Mavala comes in a 5ml size. At first glance the product thus appears to be expensive. However consider buying a typical 8 or 14.7ml product for twice the price. The shape and volume of this product makes it appear expensive when in fact it is not. One 5ml bottle will give you about 20 applications of three coats each. It is worth the price.

    I would much rather spend roughly R70 on a good quality colour than double on one I have to re-apply every second day.

    In my view it is good value for money and a great quality product. I love Mavala.

    Love Naturally
    Silk Helmet Lady

  2. I am really in love with this Mavala collection. The shades are absolutely gorgeous and the price won’t break my bank account. I do however feel that it wasn’t as long wearing as cheaper brands I do own. But great shades!

  3. I love Mavala nail colour and, as with all their collections, I find the quality of this product high and the finish beautiful. My only concern is that the shades don’t match my skin tone very well and leave me looking a bit washed out. I am very fair with a yellow undertone, and instead of accentuating my skin tone, my shade of choice (Orchid Mauve) makes my hands look older. I think these would look a lot prettier on darker skin tones and would highly recommend them to anyone who is not as fair as I am. However, if you are fair with a pink undertone, you may find they work for you too.

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