Max Factor Colour Intensifying Balm

Max Factor Colour Intensifying Balm

Until now, even make-up artists have used two separate products: lipstick for bold colour and lip balm for a neutral, conditioned lip look. Now, Colour Intensifying Balm delivers both these results in just one product – the nine luscious shades allow multiple glamour transformations, from subtle to stand out lips, in an instant.

Step One: For ultimate results, prep lips by gently exfoliating and patting dry
Step Two: Using the product straight from the bullet, apply a light layer to lips to see initial colour pay-off
Step Three: Gradually build colour in light layers. Layer five will deliver the maximum colour intensity.

Price: R109.95
Availability: Clicks stores and online from


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  1. Looking for a super moisturising lip balm with a luscious splash of colour? Look no further because Max Factor’s new Colour Intensifying Balm is the perfect lip balm to keep lips pout perfect this Summer. I received the Colour Intensifying Balm in the shade “20 Luscious Red” which gives my lips a flush of red with a whole lot of moisture. The Colour Intensifying Balm comes in a small packaging, but don’t let its packaging fool you, because “dynamite comes in small packages”, and this lip balm packs a powerful punch! The Colour Intensifying Balm glides on effortlessly onto lips, leaving lips with a sweet fruity scent (I got a bit of a sweet scent), the balm is also tasteless, so there’s no weird taste. I really like intense colours, so this balm is perfect, because the colour is layerable, which means you can control the amount of colour you want. I think this balm could definitely replace a light lipgloss, because it has the perfect amount of colour, gives lips a gorgeous glossy shine plus it isn’t sticky or uncomfortable. I find the pricing a little steep, but I would repurchase as a beauty splurge. Thank you Beauty South Africa for giving me an opportunity to review this product.

  2. I was given the shade rich chocolate to review, thank you Beauty South Africa for the opportunity to review this product, really enjoyed doing so. I like the gold packaging, it is really pretty and gives it the appearance of a high end product even though it is such an affordable product. I am not too fond of the scent as it smells somewhat waxy but other than that, the formula is perfect for dry, chapped lips. I found that with one swipe, it was more like a nourishing lip balm without a hint of colour, even with trying to build the colour with five swipes, it still didn’t enhance the colour by much. This is by no means a highly, intensifying, pigmented lip balm but more like a hydrating lip balm with a sheer, subtle tint. It is a really lightweight formula and is not tacky which is perfect for those who are not into lipsticks that are highly pigmented or shiny lipglosses. The Max Factor Colour Intensifying Balm leaves your lips feeling nourished and hydrated with a beautiful, subtle pop of colour which is perfect for everyday use as it is not bold and in your face. I love to apply it with just one swipe at night to wake up to beautiful, hydrated lips in the morning.

  3. I received my Max Factor Colour Intensifying Balm 2 days ago, thank you again Beauty South Africa for choosing me, I was super excited to try it out, the packing is rather attractive, the base of the tube is gold in color, I have been using it for 2 days now, I have Sumptous Candy shade, it is a very light pink, it smells heavenly, almost like candy :) the tube is about 8cm and it is quite easy to open. Im in my late thirties and for me this shade is okayish, as I normally go for browns, bronzes and nudes in my lipstick and gloss shades. I have noticed that I constantly have to reapply it though, about every 2 hours, this morning I also noticed that my bottom lip looks a bit dry and flaky. I wouldnt purchase it for myself because of this.

  4. So when I received this lip balm I must be honest the color did scare me, it was marked as classy cherry.
    I tried it out and actually ended up loving the color of the lip balm and what I liked most is that if you wanted a lighter shade you didn’t apply as much whereas if you wanted a darker shade you just added more until you reach your desired color. It smells really nice too and did not dry my lips out at all. the color did not last very long though but if you pop it in your bag and just apply as needed you should be fine. I was really blown away by the color and how good it actually looked and felt on my lips. Thanks Beauty South Africa

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