Max Factor Masterpiece Glamour Extensions 3-In-1Volume Mascara

Max Factor Masterpiece Glamour Extensions 3-In-1Volume Mascara

Deliver the finishing touch to a striking make up look with instant length, volume and intensity.

  • The instant impact wand captures, lengthens, volumises and intensifies each lash from root to tip.
  • The instant impact wand has short bristles, making it easier to reach every lash, which allows maximum contact between mascara formula and lash for instant volume. Whereas bigger brushes have longer bristles, which get in the way and make it difficult to coat each lash.
  • The inside out wand combs through every lash from root to tip, coating them with our carbon black fibre formula containing volumising particles, which make your lashes appear thicker and in turn, darker and more intense.
  • In addition to volumising particles, the innovative formula in our 3-in-1 mascara contains lash extending carbon-black fibres for thicker, longer and more intense lashes.

Price: R109.95
Availability: Exclusive to Clicks stores.


4 Responses

  1. I really like Max Factor mascaras in general, their False Lash Fusion is a firm favourite of mine. This mascara intrigued me after I read about it on beauty blogs as it promised to deliver length and volume, which is a big plus for me as I generally like to achieve both.

    The wand takes some time getting used to as the plastic bristles are different lengths the spiral around. Once you get the hang of it this does a great job of adding volume and length.

    The formula is very wet when the tube is first opened, and I found that this dried out faster than usual when compared to my other mascaras, and from then on it wasn’t as pleasurable to work with. Overall I like it, but I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing it anytime soon, I’ll go back to my other firm favourites.

  2. This was my first time trying out a Max Factor product. I was impressed by the sleek design but knew it wasn’t a high end product due to all the labels on the bottle so I was a bit skeptical. The bottle looks fairly large compared to other mascara’s so naturally this makes me feel good, as I assume, “ more product”.
    The wand of the mascara is comb like with not that many groves, however the application was impressive. My eyelashes were defined and clump free after one coat, after the second coat, I got a bit more length, and the last coat gave me extra volume without looking clumpy and false. Being a first time max factor user, I was very impressed with this product, it’s affordable and you definitely get your monies worth. Coincidentally, a week before I could receive the max factor mascara, I bought myself the Lancôme Grandiose Mascara. And in all my mascara experience I would say the max factor gives the same effect. I actually went as far as doing my own little experiment and applying the Lancôme mascara on one side and the max factor on the other and nobody could notice the difference of the 4 times more expensive mascara, this is a great bargain! This should be a go to mascara for any working girl. I was washed off in the shower using my cleanser but did have a tiny burning sensation, but im sure if I used a make-up remover that wouldn’t be the case. I am truly impressed with this mascara! Wow.
    It’s called 3 in one volume, but to me, the 3 stands for lengthening, defining and volumizing, what else do I need. If you’re reading this review, you need to try this product. You won’t be sorry.

  3. Max Factor’s mascaras are my favorite drugstore mascaras.

    It gives you long jet black lashes. There is no clumps because the brush is very thin and hard bristles. It defines your lashes beautifully. It stays ons and doesn’t rub off throughout the day but still removes easily.

    The container is also very sophisticated.

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