Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Protection Balm in Hydrate

No more boring balms! New Baby Lips gives intense lip care & 8 hr hydration. Conditioning care for healthier lips that feel baby soft. Baby Lips come in 6 fun-loving varieties, collect them all!  Moisturises lips for a full 8 hours. 3 neutral shades with SPF 20. 3 tinted shades.

Price: R24.95
Availability: Selected retail stores nationwide.

What we say:
I purchased my first Maybelline Baby Lips whilst in Europe and fell in love with it after the first use! You can imagine how pleased I was to hear that I would soon be able to repurchase it at my nearest Clicks store!

The formula of the Hydrate Baby Lips is unlike any of the other similar type lip balms I’ve tried. I have tried similar lip balms from other brands and I have always been disappointed with the formula. The Hydrate is ultra lightweight and it glides onto my lips so smoothly.

I find that it absorbs faster than some of my other lip balms and it keeps my lips hydrated for quite some time after application. I have found that since I started using it, I don’t need to apply lip balm as often, which in my books is a clear sign that it is a winner!

While I don’t think it is a particularly glamorous lip balm, it does the trick and it is a lip balm that I will definitely repurchase (I’m already on my second one!). Considering how reasonably priced this lip balm is, I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a no-fuss lip balm that works.
– Emily, BSA Social Media & Community Manager


9 Responses

  1. Compared to the other lip balms on the market, this one looked much more exciting. So I tried it.  But I don’t have anything wow to say about it.

    It was moisturizing like many balms, but I found it wore off quite quickly. I don’t want to apply lip balm 10 times a day. The smell is great and the packaging so cute though! But I found that after a few months, it started irritating my lips tremendously. Maybe the product expired?

    They became itchy and so dry that I had to re-apply over and over again, which just made it worse. I am quite sensitive to lip balms so this might only be a personal issue, not a product issue. I am keen on trying some of the other ones though!

    I find that my beeswax based lipbalms are much more moisturizing and gentle on my pout. The moment a balm leaves a shiny/glossy look on the lips, it tends to give me problems.

    I will definitely be trying some of the other ones though; I am just too curious as I love Maybelline!

  2. The packaging is attractive because I like the colours. They are pretty and vibrant. I also prefer this type of container, which can be rolled up and applied directly to lips. It is more hygienic than the finger-application variety (because when you’re at work or out and about you’re touching lots of things and can’t always wash your hands before applying, unless you have hand sanitizer in your bag). It also allows for quick and easy application.

    The smell of the lip-balm is very fruity and citrusy. I prefer strawberry and cherry smells, but I don’t necessarily dislike the smell.

    Upon application, it feels smooth like butter on my lips, but it doesn’t feel like it absorbs into my lips. It just stays on the surface and my lips still feel dry underneath. I also found that I had to apply a lot of the product at a time, and even though I do have dry lips generally, Its more than I apply when using other lip balms.

    It gives a glossy shine, but doesn’t last long before I need to re-apply.

    Overall, I didn’t dislike the product, but I wasn’t wow-ed by it either.

  3. I love this product. The best part is that this variant, ie HYDRATE, is almost scent-less and colourless. It is perfect for using before lipstick and for when your lips just need that pick me up. I even use it during Ramadaan(the fasting month) and it does a great job of keeping my lips hydrated. I have repurchased this about 6 times already and will continue to do until they are discontinued.

  4. Provides super moisture. Wonderful to use. Does not melt in my car. Love the colourful packaging.

  5. Cute lip balm packaged in a blue and pink design. The product delivers on the Hydrate promise. It moisturises my lips and ensures that the harsh winter doesn’t get to it. The best part is, that it is cheap and an effective product. My favorite by far and you will never go wrong with Maybelline.

  6. I just love this lip balm. I just had to try it after seeing quite a lot of people using it. It leaves my lips feeling soft and it is great to use before applying lip stick to moisturise my lips.

  7. I can’t begin to express how much I loooove this balm. It comes in a neutral shade and keeps my pucker hydrated x

  8. So I went crazy, I mean like psycho crazy when I got my hands on these Baby Lips, mainly because all the bloggers have been raving about them, and honestly after the first try, I truly understood why they rave about this beauty! I chose “hydrate” because it’s more of a moisturising Baby Lips and that’s exactly what I needed. The packaging is quite simple and eye catching. The packaging says “8 hour moisture”, the Baby Lips doesn’t actually stay on lips for long, but rather soaks into lips leaving them hydrated, soft and smooth. In just one day… I felt a difference in the condition of my lips. I was pleased to know that Baby Lips comes in SPF 20 which is good for Summer because lips need all the protection they can get.

    The actual Baby Lips packaging is very colourful and eye catching, which is probably why everyone is obsessed with the product. I find the lip balm just too cute for words, and I probably will get every Baby Lips to collect. The barrel is a baby blue shade with a touch of vibrancy in it, while the lid is clear with the words “baby lips” printed in a retro text in a bright pink shade. The actual balm is white in colour but applies clear. I was very impressed with the balm because it applied smoothly and felt like butter melting onto my lips. The Baby Lips felt like a gloss on lips and have lips a good healthy shine. As soon as I applied the Baby Lips, my lips felt amazing, they had a lovely hydrated feel which is what I’m always looking for in a lip balm.

    The texture of the lip balm is very smooth, and the Baby Lips has a very fair amount of petroleum in it because you can get the scent, but as long as it does an amazing job in keeping lips hydrated…I’M NOT COMPLAINING! The Baby Lips has a very light scent it’s a very pleasant smell and I like it because it isn’t overwhelming. So I’ve been using the Baby Lips for just over a week now, and I’m quite impressed with the results. My lips feel absolutely AMAZING!!! My lips are definitely softer, smoother and strangely I find them looking much more plump.

    I would definitely recommend you to get these Baby Lips because I finally see what all the hype is about. It’s not your average lip balm, this is like a lip balm on steroids! The secret is that the Baby Lips has an exclusive lip renew formula and even the packaging stated “For adult use only” which at first worried me a little. I will admit the Baby Lips does actually make you feel like your lips are virtually reborn. This is an amazing lip balm and everyone should really invest in it.

  9. This is a very good balm for the guys. I bought it for my bf. I notice that it’s the dry lip season now and some boys have unsightly lips – ladies make sure to grab this when you’re in Clicks… Real life saver of those who have chapped smackers :) no one wants a sandpaper kiss on the cheek.

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