Vaseline Men Face Even Tone Expert Moisturiser SPF 15

Vaseline Men Face Even Tone Expert Moisturiser SPF 15 is a fast absorbing lotion that offers instant relief for everyday dryness. The non-greasy formula absorbs within seconds and deeply penetrates skin to build healthy skin resilience.

What we say:
‘The Vaseline Even Tone Moisturiser is one product you want to try. It takes care of some of the marks on your face, while protecting your skin against the sun (it contains a sun protection factor of 15). I’ve been using the moisturisers for almost three months now and it works. OK, marriage proposals aren’t exactly flowing in, but my skin is clear enough for them to comment about it.’
Jack Green

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11 Responses

  1. My son use this product, he works all day in the sun, and according to him it’s the best and cheapest product. He just love it!!

  2. all the great reviews must buy one for my hubby… will let all know what he says…

  3. Using it now for a week because i have acne blemishes on my face will see if it works for me but i like the smell and the price of these products.

  4. Crazy about vaseline products for men, and the price is awesome, the product is good and what i like about it, it protects your skin against the sun, a product i really need because i am exposed to the sun everyday for a few hours.

  5. Would like to try this product on my husband, will post a review later on this, but first things first ok, will let u know.

  6. I’m not going to say much about this product only one word terrific, buy it guys it’s awesome and it works for dry skin.

  7. How i sometimes wish the ladies products can be so cheap but thank goodness there’s products on the market now for men i am going to make a point out of it to get my lovie these products to use will let u know how it goes.

  8. My Brother tried this product, and he says its the best product he’s ever used and the cheapest!!!!!

  9. First time I see this product, and if what Jack Green is saying about it, it might just go and buy myself some. Must say i’m impressed by the looks and introductory description of this product. I’ll try and post a review in future once I’ve tried this one out. I’m rating neutral due to the fact that I have no “hands-on” experience about “Men Face Even Tone Expert Moisturiser SPF 15 by Vaseline”

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