Vaseline Men Face Even Tone Expert Face Wash

Vaseline Men Face Event Tone Expert Face Wash gives you resilient, refreshed skin to keep you looking and feeling healthy. Fortified with nutrients to prevent skin dryness while thoroughly cleansing, it has conditioning ingredients with vitamins.

What we say:
‘I don’t understand why some guys only wash with one bar of soap when you can do so much better with a facial wash. This face wash from Vaseline contains small granules, so while the vitamin B3 and oxidants sort out the blemishes, the granules take care of dead skin. I’ve been using this product for a while and the results show, especially when used with the moisturising lotion. There is no longer an excuse for tired-looking skin.’
Jack Green

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10 Responses

  1. My boyfriend lives by this product and it’s simply amazing, I’ve seen visible results in just a few weeks and it has made his skin tone even as well as given him a more hydrated look.

  2. I’m so glad they came out with this range as it works wonders for the males in my circle.

  3. I’m not going to say much but takes this from me this is a divine product to buy for you hubby, boyfriend etc, put it on your list and give it a try.

  4. I am using this product now for about a week, have to say my skin really feels clean after using this in the morning, and the smell is nice.

  5. Good old vaseline, but i have to admit their products are really taking a awesome turn on the market, catering for men and their needs, fantastic product and great results.

  6. Bought it and i love it, really think this product is a winner, i have uneven skin because of being in the sun most of the time and the dryness can sometimes be very itchy, i threw away my bar of soap and i am using this product instead of the soap, great results honestly.

  7. Yip – Jack Green, Malherbe and Landman pretty much sums up what this product is all about – I would definitely recommend to any male friend, co-worker, family member etc… Excellent product by Vaseline,
    considering the price tag. Maybe Vaseline can up the 20ml to 50ml.

  8. One of my friends are using this for a while now, and have to say he looks great his skin tone looks so much better and no more marks and for a guy he actually smells good. There are many different definitions of a brand, the most effective description however, is that a brand is a name or symbol that is commonly known to identify a company or its products and separate them from the competition, now that’s enough said about Vaseline always will be a great product

  9. Have to agree with u on this one, hubby is still from the old school if u know what i mean soap i only believe in soap, so i got him the Vaseline Facial Wash and this might sound yukky but he is a construction worker, blackheads etc u name them, so he gave it a try and after 3 weeks guess wonderful results amazing product for men.

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