Carolina Herrera Men Sport

CH Men Sport is the expression of stylish outdoor freedom and fun. The inspiration for this new fragrance is the idea that life be enjoyed to the fullest; intensely but with ingenuity, spontaneity and individuality. CH Men Sport aims to capture the freshness of sea breeze and the sensuality of wood warmed by the sun. It represents the spirit of genuine and fun-loving men who live life to the fullest. Built on a refined base of sandalwood, vetiver and oak moss, the heart of CH Men Sport is ardent and spicy thanks to aromatic spices like Szechuan pepper and juniper. The top notes reveal a wave of freshness through bergamot, grapefruit and sage, resulting in a boost of its marine tones.

What we say:
‘I relish those moments when my wife sniffs my neck and whispers, “Wow, you smell nice.” So when this bottle of Carolina Herrera Men Sport arrived at the studio, I simply doused myself in the stuff. I was actually suffering from a mild bout of sinusitis but was certain it would peak her interest when I got home.

‘Turns out she had a cold too.

‘Despite the congested air passages, I picked up on a strong scent of pine and it conjured up images of being chased through a dense forest, my skin painted by the needles as I bobbed and weaved between the trees. Fresh, earthy and invigorating. Carolina Herrera Men Sport and I were off to a good start and as my sinuses cleared my appreciation of the fragrance grew.

‘I now know the pine smell is actually earthy sandalwood and other fragrances have also started to push through. I pick up a soapy cleanliness (the kind you get from rinsing your hands before dinner); a hint of citrus and a warmth I can only describe as a wooden deck baking in the sun.

‘I wear it to work and sommer spray some more on before heading out at night. It’s not a very heavy fragrance and doesn’t linger when you leave the room. I can’t get enough of the limitless can-do energy of this fragrance. Bring on the endless summer days…

‘Carolina Herrera Men Sport is my new favorite. And my wife’s too.’

Check out the concept video, shot by American photographer Bruce Weber…

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14 Responses

  1. Give him a Bottle, he will love you forever..
    Gave my man CHHC Men Sport,the rest i will keep a secreat : )

  2. Love the bottle, would purchase this fragrance based on the packaging because I like the look so much! Has a great smell too, seems like it would be a great Christmas/birthday gift for an older man.

  3. Really like the look and feel of the bottle. It is quite unusual. The fragrance is not bad either. Strong and masculine which is perfect fro any weather.

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