Dove Men+Care Aerosol

Dove Men+Care anti-perspirant deodorant gives men a deodorant option that is tough on sweat, not on skin. It has a subtle, crisp scent for every day comfort.

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13 Responses

  1. I believe dove took a rather bold step when introducing the Men range. Although I don’t know any1 who uses it since people are loyal to their tried and tested,I hope it delivers as well as it promises

  2. Bought the Dove for my husband.He is very satisfied with it. He says the Dove deodorant keeps him smelling fresh the whole day.

  3. This is my man’s “gym” fragrance, he loves it!!!!! I love the smell fresh and subtle!!!!

  4. My husband loves dove products, but he’s not fond of anti perspirant aerosol, says it gives him hay fever if he uses it.

  5. I prefer using the aerosol at night after my bath, because then you are not so active, just a pit it’s anti perspirant, i am not very fond of a anti perspirant, but i got the sample so i used it, not bad but also not so great.

  6. Girls buy it and let him try it, it has a refreshing smell and all i can say is i really love this product.

  7. This product of dove works for me in the evening when i had my shower, bath but not during the day time, i sweat a lot because of my work that is why i rather prefer the stick much better protection than the deo or the roll on.

  8. I’m not fond of this product as there’s nothing that attracts me to the product. Even the fragrane / scent is fairly average and the canister looks so dull. Sorry – not for me.

  9. My husband bought this recently and loves it! He works in a hotel and comes into contact with people all the time so needs something hardworking.

  10. Great smell i bought it for hubby love and he loves it, but he’s not keen on the roll on.

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