Michael Kors by Michael Kors EDP

From designer Michael Kors. Like his fashion collection, the fragrance feels both comfortable and rich. Familiar notes are combined in unprecedented, bold ways to create a polite and traditional yet exotic and sensual fragrance.

Price: R855 for 50ml

Availability: Stuttafords stores nationwide.

What we say:
I’ve been admiring Michael Kors on Project Runway for years, and as a Michael Kors garment is a little out of my reach at this stage of my life, I got extremely excited to try out this fragrance when it became available. At a first spritz, it wasn’t what I expected. To me, Michael Kors is the ultimate American designer – I expected California-inspired sea salt and aquatic notes, but instead, I got a sensual blend of florals, woods and musk.

Not only was I pleasantly surprised (I’ve always been a floral kinda girl), but I was intrigued by the scent’s composition. I immediately thought I smelt patchouli, but it actually turned out to be tuberose. That mixed with freesia, peony, cashmere woods and vetiver results in a fragrance that’s sexy without being overt, and feminine without being too girly.

As it’s an EDP it lasts extremely long, and I didn’t have to re-spray at all throughout the day. I really enjoyed wearing the scent and I think it works in both hot and cold weather. I also love the sturdy, classic bottle – very Michael Kors in its simplicity and functionality!
– Anien


4 Responses

  1. Look, the 100ml is worth purchasing. The scent is so strong it lasts for the whole day. I decided to give it a try beginning of this month (October) and I think I have fallen in LOVE!!!

  2. My boss wore this perfume and I remember always loving the way she smelt it was then that I decided to ask her what fragrance she was wearing and get some for myself. I love this fragrance it was my fragrance of choice for my wedding day and when I wear this fragrance it always brings back so many good memories. with rich floral notes this perfume will make anyone feel like a princess. I love this fragrance. the price roughly R855.00 it does however last a long time, and a little goes a long way with this fragrance. it last the whole day and even when I have bathed I can still smell it a little bit on my skin.

  3. Michael Kors has been a long time favourite of mine, along with the same lines of DKNY and Calvin Klein. Am sure this EDP will be as interesting and elegant as his clothing line

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