Milk Solutions Hand Repair Serum

Milk Solutions hand repair serum

The Milk Solutions Natural range is a paraben-free range of manicure and pedicure products specifically targeted at customers looking for the more natural alternative. It is a complete range of products incorporating some unique and exciting fragrances. The Hand Repair Serum is an intensely moisturising serum to rejuvenate and hydrate the hands and arms.

Price: R180


The Milk Solutions Hand repair Serum is quite unlike any hand cream / treatment I have used in the past. The brightly coloured packaging and the ‘tub’ shape, make it the ideal hand treatment to keep on one’s desk.

The unique pump action bottle made it very easy to dispense the right amount of serum so as not to waste or apply too much serum. The serum itself is a gel consistency, which means it absorbed into my skin really easily, however I found it to be less nourishing than a rich hand cream.

Being part of the Milk Solutions Natural range, the Hand Repair Serum has a pleasant ‘green’ smell that wasn’t at all overpowering. It is definitely a smell that I associate with ‘natural’ products and although that means I think it smells like grass, it was mild enough to be rather pleasant.

My hands felt smooth after applying the serum and I’m certain that prolonged use will result in softer hands. I will certainly use the serum when I treat my hands to a mini manicure once a week, however I don’t think I’ll be ditching my favourite hand cream in favour of this serum.

– Emily, BSA Community Manager


2 Responses

  1. In a similar vein to using a serum for the face, this hand serum should in no way replace your hand cream, it should be used underneath. Its concentrated formulation is designed to penetrate deeper and more quickly to effectively repair the skin on the hands. For best results you can use in combination with the Milk Solutions Nourishing Hand and Body Moisturiser.

  2. I love the idea of a hand serum especially with drying effects of the summer heat on our hands. Maybe to be used underneath an existing hand cream in the same way facial serums are applied?

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