Garnier Mineral 48 Hours

The Garnier Mineral range is the first 48-hours anti-perspirant deodorant enriched with mineralite, an ultra-absorbing mineral form of volcanic origin. It provides 48 hours ultimate protection even under extreme conditions.

What we say:
‘This product promises to “visibly even”. But seeing as I have no interest in the appearance of my armpits and have not yet tried applying it to my cellulite thighs, I checked out the other promise, of 48-hour protection. Yup, no showering for two days. Granted it’s the end of winter and I don’t exercise at all, thank goodness it worked, no sweat to report. Let me reiterate, 48 hours, that is a long time.

‘Now why are the strange green crystals pictured on the bottle the “new” selling point of this specific product? Garnier is a brand primarily associated with skincare, which partly explains them touting this deodorant’s “mineralite” content. I have never in my life looked at someone’s underarms and thought, “Oh my word, she soooo has to do something about that pigmentation”. I think this random crystal is a wasted gimmick, but as long as the research expenditure doesn’t affect the price I will keep buying it.

‘The deodorant prevents sweat and has a slight “clean” smell that works with whatever other perfume I’m wearing, so it’s a great roll-on. But if I want even skin tone I’ll get skin cream – maybe even from Garnier.’
– Vicky


19 Responses

  1. Garnier Mineral 48 Hours roll-on really gives 48 hours protection. I perspire easily and in copious amounts. The product prevents sweats while emitting a soft, beautiful scent. I use the Invisible Anti-White Marks variety, so as an added bonus there are no white marks left on clothing. Garnier Mineral 48 Hours roll-on 50 ml size retails for approximately R15. Great value for money!

  2. I can’t go anywhere if I haven’t used this under arm roll, this stays in my bag 24/7. So on warm days when you get sweaty – that’s normal but as a women we dont like to smell like that – this is definitely the best product. I apply this in the morning before putting on clothes and don’t have to reapply again. I smell fresh the whole day even if it s a warm day :)

  3. The entire Garnier roll-on range is awesome. I love the smell of every one of them; i love that it’s not over powering, but just perfect. It also defiantly lasts all day.

  4. I totally love the Garnier Mineral Protection 48 hours roll on! As a woman who sweats a lot and I mean a lot due to nerves I am always looking for something that will keep me dry and comfortable and smelling fresh.

    The mineral protection does just that and more! Once you have applied it to your skin it dries quickly so it doesn’t leave that sticky wet feeling. So no need to flap your arms to get your deodorant to dry before pulling on your shirt.

    The fragrance is light and stays with you through out the day. I wear black a lot and a lot and there has been no white residue on any of my shirts and the same with the white. No yellow stains which helps a lot.

    The deodorant is small enough to fit in a handbag if needed for mid day touch ups and the colours of the lids are rather cheerful too.

    All in all I would say this is one of the best deodorants I have tried that has worked for me and my nervous sweating.

  5. I tend to perspire very badly and this product didn’t at all work. A few hours after application my under arms didn’t feel dry at all and had a slight unpleasant smell.

  6. The deodorant did not live up to the advertising of 48 hours. A few hours after the application, when you perspire, you can smell the perspiration. I was extremely disappointed with the product and was grateful that it was very cheap to throw away.

  7. I didn’t like it and I really wanted it to work for me because my friends were raving about it. The scent was too light to have any impact. Like the reviews I read, I too, am not a sweater but I could smell the ‘potential’ of ‘armpit sweat’.

  8. Great smelling but does not last, when I have a very busy day at work I always ending up smelling like sweat.

  9. It smells nice and fresh. But after a few hours I can smell my armpits. I’m not a sweater, but I can smell ’em.

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