VO5 Miracle Mist

Miracle Mist boasts satin silk extract along with an essential blend of 5 natural, life-replenishing oils to help restore tired, damaged, dry or frizzy hair. This fabulously fragranced spray puts back essential moisture but without weighing hair down. Miracle Mist will leave hair smooth and manageable, while adding softness and shine. Misted on before blow drying or straightening, it helps to protect hair against heat damage from every day styling.

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20 Responses

  1. A lovely add-on to my existing routine. Great when my dry hair needs an extra boost. I love the smell.

  2. Anything to tame the frizz is most welcome and Miracle Mist does work miracles.

  3. I love the smell of this spray. It leaves my hair looking shiny, feeling soft and it helps to tame the frizz. And the price is reasonable compared to other products of this nature.

  4. I’m always looking for something to tame my frizzy hair and I think I will definitely give this a try

  5. Ah good old VO5, I remember as a kid sitting in the bath all excited when my mom would let me use one of her VO5 hot oil treatments, the anticipation of waiting for it to heat up whilst bobbing in the bath water used to nearly kill me, I felt like a lady! Having lived a stones throw away from the beach my whole life I always had to watch the my very long hair didn’t end up in dreadlocks after a day at the beach, VO5 always saved my day and my mother’s life because brushing your daughters knotty hair can make you go combat on a kid! I’d definitely give this a go!

  6. I used this before I started colouring my hair, when my locks were still mostly healthy and “normal”. It worked lovely then, and the scent makes you want to sniff your hair all day long (just ignore the stares people give you, it’s worth it).

  7. I’m really looking for something that will give my hair a shine before I apply the ghd. This looks like it could be the thing. I like the idea of a spray, as it will get to all of the strands easily. At the moment I do not apply anything before straightening. I hope this does not make my hair oily. Let’s give it a try.

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