Sally Hansen Nail Nutrition Green Tea and Bamboo Nail Strengthener

Sally Hansen’s Green Tea and Bamboo Nail Strengthener helps weak nails resist breaking, making them strong enough to endure everyday wear and tear. The natural Green Tea and Bamboo formula works as both a base coat and a top coat. As a top coat, it seals in colour and gives manicures a high-gloss finish.

What we say:
‘Sally to the rescue!

‘So it’s winter as you know. Your skin, your hair, your nails all go into some sort of “shock” at this time of the year! Enter Sally Hansen Nail Nutrition Green Tea + Bamboo Strengthener! Brittle, dull and oh-so-drab-looking, my nails were in some desperate need of TLC and a miracle. Tearing, breaking and peeling… any of these sound familiar? I got so excited when I read that this could be the solution to my poor little fragile nails.

‘The instructions read: Shake gently. Base coat: apply 1 coat to bare nails. Let dry. Top coat: apply over nail colour. However, I used just one coat, on bare nails and could see the difference. If you’re feeling daring you may add another coat, but one coat will suffice.

‘It did what it said, the combination of bamboo and green tea bonded and sealed my little ones making them look beautiful, glowing and healthy…and not forgetting they were so much stronger! Live it! Love it! Own it! It may just be what you have been looking for. It saved my beauties, thank you Sally.’
– Nadine

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8 Responses

  1. For a long while I struggled with my nails breaking right at their base. It was so painful and made it impossible to grow my nails at all. A helpful shop assistant then told me about Sally Hansen’s Nutrition Green Tea and the difference it had made to many clients. I’ve been using it sense then and while my nails still break now and then, it definitely has made a considerable difference to the strength of my nails.

  2. Any product of sally hansen is great ….I will havta try this love nails to look gud

  3. After 6 years of having Biosculpture gel overlays done, i decided my nails needed a break. Well I have always have quite thin nails that flack all the time, but to my shock and horror my nails are even thinner than usual and if anything touches them now I feel like I’m being electrocuted. Its awful. i am busy using a sally hansen product to try strengthen my nails and so i would be interested in seeing how this product works in conjunction with the one i am currently using.

  4. Been using this for around 3 weeks and can see the huge difference in the state of my nails. I never really had a problem with weak nails but they used to split all the time and since using this I have not had that problem anymore. Really works!

  5. I have been using this product for the past couple of weeks. My nails were not long and were in their usual thin and weak state. I started using this product alone without any nail polish to get my nails conditioned and to allow them some time for growth. I have reached the point where I can tell the product is working. I haven’t lost a nail since I began using the product. My nails are growing out evenly and are almost all one length. I can also say that my nails are not splitting like they used to.

  6. I have used this for a few weeks and I am amazed at the growth and strength it has given my nails. I love this product and so will anyone with problem nails.

  7. I saw this product and thought Id give it a try – I was not sorry at all – it really works miracles, my nails were stronger and looks so healthy and a top coat gives my nails that ‘Just left the salon’ glow!! This is now officially my new staple product.

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