Nair Brazil Body Shower Cream

Nair Brazil Body Shower Cream

Indulge your skin with a natural blend of key ingredients, including mineral rich mango butter and palm to leave it smooth and hair free. Nair Brazilian Spa Clay works while you shower for handy, quick and effective hair removal. Gentle enough to use on legs, bikini and underarms and even works on short hairs.

Top Tip: for the ultimate pamper treat yourself to a luxury moisturiser to smooth onto skin after hair removal.

Price: R84.95
Size: 200ml
Availability: Clicks stores nationwide

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One Response

  1. This product is pure genius. It’s pleasant smelling, works effectively & is not harsh on your skin. I apply a thick layer on my legs. I then remove my makeup and cleanse my face, taking me about two minutes. Then I get into the shower & without getting any direct jets on my legs I wait a further 3 minutes and after 5 minutes total (up to a maximum of 10) I use the spatula sideways and with long sweeping movements I remove it. I am left with soft, hairless, moisturised & non irritated skin. My husband can then shower after mt as there is no ugly residue or smell. My tube lasts me three uses. I’ve never had a reaction to this product. The hair growth is after about 5-7 days which definitely beats shaving. This product is revolutionary and a must try!

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