Nivea Naturally Even Body Lotion

Enriched with Eventone pure active, vitamin E and double UV filters, Nivea Naturally Even Lotion reduces irregular pigmentation, restores skin’s natural even tone and radiance and protects against dark marks and light-induced premature ageing.

What we say:
The Nivea Naturally Even Body Lotion is heavenly – it is non-greasy and easily absorbed, but at the same time provides rich hydration for dry skin, leaving it smooth, supple and moisturised for hours. It also lives up to its name too. After two weeks of use, the irregular pigmentation on my arms (from sun damage) seems to have evened out. And it smells amazing – light, fresh and clean.


39 Responses

  1. This product is a rip-off it doesn’t work at all no natural ingredients that will benefit your skin than just making it smell I am looking through the comments all I see is that the product smells nice but nothing about the changing the complexion or evening out the skin.what a waste of a product.

  2. I had used this body lotion over a two month period, I didn’t notice a big difference in the complexion of my skin or see it become more even, it is a great daily moisturiser for my body though and maybe it needs a much longer trial period before I can actually see the difference.

  3. This is a lovely lotion with a subtle smell which I quite like. Leaves your skin feeling nourished.

  4. Nivea is an affordable, effective product. When I initially tried it I thought it would be oily and greasy, but it absorbed quickly and left my skin feeling great.

  5. Anything in the nivea brand is amazing……this lotion is lovely even in the winter……my boyfriend loves it aswell…

  6. I love Nivea, but with this lotion, I didn’t really see any results. Maybe I need to use it longer than 2 months.

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