Nivea Happy Time Shower Cream

Nivea Happy Time Shower Cream

Revive your senses with Nivea Shower Happy Time. The fruity scent of orange blossom and nurturing bamboo milk uplifts your mood and leaves you ready for the day ahead.

Price: R28.99
Size: 250ml
Availability: Leading retailers nationwide

What we say:
When it comes to body wash I’m not too fussy. So long as a body wash smells nice and doesn’t strip my skin of moisture, I am happy. Every now and then though, I come across a product that really blows me away and the Nivea Happy Time Shower Cream is one of those products.

I know it is rather strange to be super attached to a body wash, but I would honestly be a bit upset if this shower cream were to be discontinued! The first thing that caught my attention was the scent… The orange blossom is fresh and sweet without being overpowering and most importantly it doesn’t leave my skin smelling like I bathed in a fruit salad.

Not only does this shower cream smell amazing, but it delivers on it’s promise of soft and smooth skin. I find that some cream cleansers leave a sticky residue on my skin, but the Nivea Happy Time provides ample moisture without leaving my skin feeling oily.

I would strongly recommend that everyone try this shower cream, you won’t be disappointed! Considering it’s size, it is slightly more expensive compared to some other shower washes, but it it 100% worth every penny!
– Emily, BSA Social Media & Community Manager

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18 Responses

  1. I love how creamy this feels. It lathers very well and smells divine. I noticed how smooth and soft my skin was just after first use. This is great especially on those long days when you just want to unwind in the shower.

  2. I love this product, and I use it all the time. I feel amazing when I’m done showering and the smell is divine. I have tried all the different fragrances and I would recommend it to anyone

  3. Nivea Happy Time is a magnificent shower cream. The product leaves skin squeaky clean, silky smooth and subtly scented. Skin is moisturized without a greasy after-feel. Happy Time’s soft, citrus scent just makes me smile. NHT retails at approximately R30 for the 250 ml size bottle. You truly get what you pay for!

  4. When winter hits, I tend to become a lazy bum when it comes to moisturising after bath and shower time. This is where this product comes in.
    A lovely creamy texture that you apply while in the water, then you go about your cleansing ritual, and just before you get out of the bath then you rinse it off.
    My skin always feels soft and moisturised afterwards without the need of extra moisture.

  5. In summer, I always go back to this lovely shower cream. It has a thick, white consistency and leaves your skin feeling fresh and energised.
    The lovely orange blossom scent lingers for hours.
    If I have to describe this product with one word then it would be Uplifting.
    A favourite that I will always go back to!

  6. Ooh, Nivea just always has the best shower creams. This is my little relaxing treat at night. I love the smell of this shower cream. It doesn’t dry out my skin and still keeps me smelling happy. The bottle size is great, because it can last you for a while.

  7. I use the Nivea Happy lotion. I love the citrus smell and it leaves my skin feeling soft. I think I’m going to try out the shower cream as well.

  8. I love using Nivea shower creams. They always smell amazing, and makes my skin feel clean and soft. I love literally each and every scent they have available. There’s not much more I can say about this other than it is a lovely body wash and I doubt anyone would ever be sorry that they bought this!

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