NIVEA In-Shower Body moisturiser Skin Conditioner for Normal Skin


Discover a new convenient way to moisturise. This body moisturiser is used in the shower – wet skin quickly absorbs the caring formula with Sea Minerals;

  • Rinse off
  • Dry yourself
  • Get dressed and go!Price: R29,99 (250ml)
    Availability: Leading departmental stores
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14 Responses

  1. In the summer months when coming out the shower means sweating and waiting in my towel to apply my usual moisturiser this is a phenomenal skin save. It has the comforting nivea scent and application is easy apply rinse and go. I buy this consistently

  2. Not sure what I was expecting but I didn’t like this product that much. There’s nothing wrong with it but my skin actually feels better moisturised after using proper lotion or body butter. I actually found myself putting on lotion after applying this because it just didn’t do anything. And it’s not that I have dry skin because I don’t. I guess I just expected more.

  3. I have sensitive skin and during winter months it gets very dry. Since I started using Nivea In-Shower moisturizer my skin is as soft and smooth as a baby’s. I absolutely love it and would recommend anyone to use it.

  4. I can be really lazy when it comes to moisturizing my body so I jumped for joy when I saw these in store. There really is no reason NOT to use this in the shower, even my lazy self enjoyed this in shower product. It had that lovely smell that some of the Nivea body lotions have (reminds me of holiday) and it did a good job hydrating my skin.

  5. I was very excited when this product first came out as I am a mom on the go and love anything that saves time. I like the practical packaging in the familiar Nivea blue and white and the easy to hold shape. I also like that the cap is on the bottom so its easy to get the product out.
    The scent is very “Nivea”, which I like, but I found trying to rub this on my body whilst showering very tricky since a lot of it washed off. We have a small shower, so its not easy to step out of the water and it was laborious switching the taps off or climbing out of the shower to apply the lotion. It also makes the shower floor extremely slippery, so I would have to wash the shower floor off after showering as my hubby has a bad back and I was scared of him slipping. That said, I still felt the need for extra moisturising after the shower. My skin didn’t stay hydrated throughout the day unless I did. So perhaps this is a winner for some, but I wont be repurchasing.

  6. This product is great. I don’t use it very often because strangely enough I enjoy my moisturizing routine. However, when I’m running late (usually during winter) it saves me a whole lot of time. It’s very convenient and leaves the skin feeling hydrated and soft. Overall – does what it says it’ll do.

  7. This is such a handy product! I’m not the kinda person for rubbing on too many creams cause I dont like feeling sticky and this is actually just perfect cause it leaves skin soft and smooth and absorbs well without feeling sticky.

  8. I hate moisturising in winter, as the whole, getting out the shower dripping wet, drying off and then slapping cold cream on my skin is not ideal. This in-shower moisturiser helps to eliminate that whole step!
    You wash as per usual, and then smooth this product all over your body, and rinse off. Moisturising done while you’re still under the warm water! This Nivea one is fantastic (as most Nivea products are) and it’s so affordable!

  9. Even though I have dry skin this product is wonderful and after talking a shower my skin feels moisturized. I love it will be buying more of it.

  10. I love this product and think it’s one of the most innovative ever. It saves me time as I get to wash and moisturise in one go! It feels soft and smooth on my skin and really leaves my skin feeling moisturised. The only downfall is that I wish it came in a pump bottle as it is not always easy to hold in the shower.

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