Nivea Q10 Plus Firming Body Oil

This powerful formula contains your skin’s own coenzyme Q10, avocado oil, cottenseed oil and macadamia oil to give you firmer, even looking and beautiful skin.
 It’s free of mineral oils, making it fast absorbing.

Promises to:
* Firm skin in two weeks
* Even skin tone
* Nourish intensively
* Reduce appearance of stretch marks
* Improve the skin’s elasticity

RS Price: R109,99 for 200ml

Availability: Selected retailers and pharmacies nationwide.


One Response

  1. Was so excited to receive this body oil, I never tried it but I use quiet a few Nivea products, couldn’t wait to start using. I have been using it for about a month and a half and I must say I’m disappointed, it did not live up to my expectations or to my current product. I would not judge it on the firming promise as I am a lean person, so I would not say if it did worked or not. It promises to even skin tone, I did not see any difference my skin was still the same. It also promises to nourish the skin intensively, I was greatly disappointed on this promise as my skin will get visible dry after a few hours of applying it. It also promises to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, there was no change in my stretch marks. I also thought it was a bit smaller compared to the 200 ml of my current product by a few ml. I really love the smell of it though. And I liked the fact that I did not get oily after applying it. I also liked the packaging, nice bottle and color. That’s all I can say about this body oil. It did not meet my expectations.

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