NYX Boudoir Mascara Provocateur

This two-level mascara allows you to build the volume. Start with Level 1 to create a dramatic base and follow with Level 2 to separate your lashes and finish off your look. The adjustable formulation adds volume to your lashes while separating them from rot to tip.

Price: R134.95
Availability: Clicks stores.


What we say:
When I received the NYX Boudoir Mascara Provocateur to try I was very surprised with the packaging – it’s funky and fun. I didn’t realise that there was not one but two wands inside. How intriguing!

The level 1 wand states that it’s designed to grab more mascara for fuller and heavier application but I didn’t find that, it coated the lashes nicely but I found that I had to reapply a few more coats to get the desired look I like.

The level 2 wand states that it’s designed to grab a light amount of mascara for finer application, which I don’t think its necessary at all seeing as I had to reapply a few coats with the first wand.

However I did find that it lasts a fairly long time and is easy to remove.
– Bianca, BSA Designer

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One Response

  1. I bought one of these on holiday in the UAE, and I did not like it at all. The formula was completely dry and clumped up my lashes and pulled on them.

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