Oh-Lief Natural Body Oil with Green Rooibos & Roman Chamomile

Oh Lief Body Oil

Delight in a blend of South Africa’s purest organic oils. Infused with green rooibos extract, over 200 times more powerful than vitamin E. Filled with plenty antioxidants. Green rooibos Body Oil moisturises to help maintain healthy skin, leaving it moisturised, soft and radiant.

Just spray directly on the body and massage in large circular motions until completely absorbed, or spray into your bath to allow your skin to soak up all the nutrition of the organic oils while relaxing!

RS Price: R220
Availability: Selected boutiques and health shops, and www.ohlief.com

What we say:
My skin is prone to allergic reactions, so I am always very careful about using new products. I do like aloe and that agrees with my skin, but I have not used any other natural or organic beauty products lately.

Before I started using the Oh-Lief Body Oil, I had not heard of or seen the product or brand before. I like the idea of natural products and have always thought that if when I find something that agrees with my skin, I will definitely buy it and stick to it.

The texture of this product is perfect; doesn’t run down your arm when you spray it, nor is it too runny and not too thick. The oil absorbs quite easily and does not leave the skin sticky or too shiny.

The feeling is quite luxurious, leaving your skin feeling beautiful, soft and smooth for a long time. The smell is very subtle and reminds me of home-baked cookies. It’s a really nice clean smell.

I have never used a body oil before, but this one moisturizes really well. The oil tends to linger, leaving my skin soft and nourished for longer.

I have been using it on a regular basis and do enjoy the feel. This is definitely a product that I would add to my “must-have” list!
– Celeste


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