Oh-Lief Natural Olive Body Wax in Chamomile

Oh Lief Natural Olive Body Wax

A rich blend of organic oils which leave your body feeling moisturised, healthy and soft. This balm is great for dehydrated skin and ideal for relaxing massages. Lavender and Roman chamomile are known for its soothing and calming properties. Apply on the body and massage in large circular motions until completely absorbed, and allow your skin to soak up all the goodness.

RS Price: R120
Availability: Selected boutiques and health shops, and www.ohlief.com

What we say:
I’ve never been a big fan of wax, as my skin is generally more oily than it is dry, and a waxy consistency sometimes makes my skin feel dirty. I decided to try this body wax on my legs, as regular shaving has left them drier and more vulnerable than the skin on the rest of my body. At first, I struggled to get enough wax out of the container as I gently swirled the tips of my fingers on top of the wax, picking very little up. I then realised that I had to “break” the seal by digging through the surface. The product underneath was soft and easy to spread onto the skin.

My first impression was that the product smelt strongly of beeswax, and that it took quite a while to rub into my skin. However, a few minutes later the smell was a lot more subtle and when I ran my fingers over my skin there was no greasiness – it had absorbed fully. My skin was left feeling soft and silky and subtly fragranced. Plus, I love that it is filled with natural ingredients and hasn’t been tested on animals.
– Anien, BSA Content Editor


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  1. I cannot begin to express my love for Oh-Lief natural products. My skin is constantly dry and this product has been my saving grace during the winter months.
    Last week I stopped using it and swapped it for a lighter body lotion, and I can feel that I am not using this product on my skin anymore as the dryness has returned violently.
    You only take a little bit of this wax in your hands, rub your hands together to create a bit of a heat flow (it helps with smooth application) and then you rub this on your skin. It sinks in instantly and leaves my skin so soft.
    I also love the Chamomile body butter from Oh-Lief and although their body butter smells a lot like Chamomile, I have noticed that this product does not smell as much as Chamomile as I would like to.
    With that said, it is still a lovely product to use and I have repurchased my second tin of this product.
    Seems like my skin is used to the Oh-Lief way of pampering and is not so tolerant towards other body butters or lotions anymore.

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