Oh Lief Natural Olive Hand Wax

Oh-Lief hand wax

Intensive moisture for dry skin. A light blend of organic oils which leave your hands feeling  moisturised, healthy and soft. Contains Evening Primrose, Jojoba and Apricot Kernel oil which help with anti-ageing, sun spots, dry spots, scrapes & scratches. Organic oils for moisturizing properties and beeswax to strengthen your nails.

Price: R130 – R150
Availability: Selected boutiques and health shops, and www.ohlief.com

What we say:
I love the packing this range comes in. It is neat and simple just like the ingredients inside. I must admit that at first I fond this hand wax rather weird due to the consistency. It took me a while to get used to it. It is packed solid and resembles a lip balm consistency. Once I broke the top layer, it resembled a soft, massage-able wax. It felt very nourishing and almost like a thick moisturising cream. It absorbed fairly quickly into my hands leaving them hydrated. I love using it as a cuticle balm. It is great to keep in your bag too and nothing will leak out. My only no-no would be the smell. I am not a huge fan of it and find it a bit overpowering. But overall a great product with no nasties in it.
– Zoe, BSA Beauty Editor


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