Cettua Oil Control Tissues

Cettua Oil Control Tissue

By removing excess oil from the skin it minimises the chances of the skin’s pores being clogged and the formation of pimples. Designed to fit easily into your handbag, the Cettua Oil Control Tissue will help you to look your best throughout the day.

Price: R32.99
Availability: Clicks stores

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  1. After reading Tanya’s review,…I’m not convinced this is for me, she said it ideal for teenagers,…lack moisture.

  2. Oil control tissues or blotting papers are the best thing since sliced bread! I simply can’t go without them during summer as my skin can get very oily. The Cettua tissues are my most recent purchase and I love them. They are priced right and the sheets are nice and big (compared to other I have used). I removes excess oil with removing my make-up. They do a great job at freshening my face during the day. Highly recommended for all who suffer with oiliness during the day :)

  3. This is one of those gem products which once you’ve tested, you’ll happily repurchase. Designed to keep the T zone on oily skin in check, the key selling point of the product is the packaging. Flat packed into a small wallet size pouch, the Cettua Tissues fit snugly into both a normal size handbag or clutch taking up very little space but are still easy to open and access. Lightweight and working immediately, the oil control tissues apply easily onto the face and remove excess sebum immediately. For ladies with oily skin, this well priced product is an absolute winner

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