Model Co One Night Tan

ModelCo’s One Night Tan is a velvety mousse, which leaves you gorgeously bronzed for one night only. The smudge-proof, lightweight formulation glides on easily and evenly giving you an instant bronze color boost that will wash off with soap in the shower.

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5 Responses

  1. WOW! what an awesome product, an instant tan in a can! No more streaks or stained hands, just the ultimate one night tan. I just love the way this product dries in 60 seconds and doesn’t rub off. This easy to apply luxurious, velvet mousse leaves you gorgeously bronzed for one night only and washes off easily with soap in the shower! I love the fact that it is scented with caramel and infused with Shea Butter, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, unlike other products that have a strong chemical-like aroma.

  2. This is a great buy for a night out, especially after having wintry white legs after all these months. This glides on, gives great colour and washes away at the end of the night.

  3. sound great for one night in the spotlight! I always use less otherwise I become as orange as a pumpkin! perfect for going to a event for the evening!

  4. When it comes to a bronzer, less is always more for a perferct (understated) glow, so be prepared to spend a little time perfecting your technique, before you head out the door, Model Co’s One Night Tan is a beauty love love this product really amazing results.

  5. Oh i have tried a few brand names, but in vain if u have a fair skin these products is a definite no no, i nearly had Bugs Bunny for company, because i looked like a carrot, the other brands gave met a orange tinge on my skin, it’s a fabulous product but for people with a darker complextion.

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Model Co Tan Gloss

Model Co Tan Gloss

Tan Gloss Shimmering Self Tan is an ultra-luxe, 3-in-1 gel with self tan, instant bronzer and luminous, superfine shimmer.

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