OPI Big Apple Red Nail Laqcuer


ProWide brush provides a perfect streak-free finish to any nail style. With high quality polish, it lasts longer than the competition.

Price: R160
Availability: Selected nail salons, Clicks and pharmacies nationwide.



What we say:
When it comes to nail polish and painting my own nails I am pretty useless. Therefore I visit a salon and have it professionally done. BUT when this bottle of Big Apple Red polish by OPI landed on my desk I had to give it a try for myself. By painting my own nails (which is a rare opportunity) I would be able to tell straight away if this was a good brand or not. I was very surprised as it came out so well. My toes looked lovely. It is a perfect shade of red and applied so smoothly onto my nails. The lid of the bottle is easy and comfortable to hold and paint with too. I didn’t have to worry about streaking and it dried almost immediately.  This was with the help of the OPI Start to Finish Base and Top Coat. I will also say that this colour lasted forever on my toes without chipping. It only came off when I removed it.

Overall I had a very pleasant experience with using OPI for the first time.

-Zoe, BSA Beauty Editor


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  1. I was super impressed when I used the OPI brand, as i don’t have much time to sit and wait for it to dry up. To my surprise it dried up very quickly, and stayed on for a week long until I took it off. it comes in various colours & there’s definitely a colour for all. It actually looked as if i had it done professionally.

  2. The nice thing about using OPI is that you don’t need to be a pro to give yourself a flawless manicure or pedicure. The brush makes application very easy and the polish lasts long on your nails, I would most definitely pay a little bit more for good quality nail polish.

  3. OPI had previously released a Euro collection in 2002, this particular collection focused more in central Europe.

    Application and Formula:
    I Saw…U Saw…We Saw…Warsaw, is a dark blue creme colour. It has no glimmer or shimmer to it. What I love about this colour is that it isn’t so dark that it looks black when there is poor lighting. It still maintains a blue colour. As mentioned in my previous OPI ManiMonday post (which you can view, here) OPI has quite a large flat brush which makes for easy application unless you have small nails, which will then require a lot of neatening up. Since this shade is quite dark, you can get away with only one coat. To achieve an even coverage with only one coat you will need to have a generous amount of product on your brush, Personally I used two coats to ensure an opaque finish because I just find it a safer option to ensure that there will be no chipping.

    I was really disappointed with the fact that this nail polish chipped so easily after two days of wearing it. I was hoping for a better result because I really enjoyed the results from ‘In a cable carpool lane.’
    I had to touch up twice in the week which was not something I was expecting from an OPI nail polish considering it is a bit pricey.

    Although this nail polish did chip, I can’t help it but love this colour. I have been looking for a dark blue nail polish that maintained its colour and not look black, like most dark blue nail polishes. I guess this is one of those colours where you will need 2-3 layers of a good topcoat to protect the colour.

    If you would like to purchase this shade then pop into your nearest Dischem/Clicks store. It retails for R160.00.

  4. Application and Formula:
    OPI describes this shade as, “Good golly, Miss Trolley, this rich burgundy takes me away!”
    In the Cable Car Pool lane is a unique dark berry shade with a ceme finish to it. To obtain the deep colour you will need two coats. It was a bit streaky when I applied the first coat, but after the second coat it was really smooth and opaque. It also has a slight jelly look to it even though it is a creme -based formula. What I loved about this nail polish was the brush applicator. It has a wide flat brush which allows for easy application, especially if you follow the 3-step technique.

    I have only had this shade on for about three days now and I haven’t had any problems with it. This is the first OPI nail polish that I have ever tried so I can’t really compare it or give an honest review based on previous experiences regarding this factor. All that I can say is that it hasn’t chipped since Saturday morning which is a good sign.

    I’m a sucker for any dark nail polish shades so it’s no surprise that I love this shade. What sealed the deal for me was the fact that it changes colour in the sunlight. I know this happens to most nail polish but I love how this looks during the day as well as how sophisticated it looks in the evenings.

  5. I love everything about this nail polish, the brush, the color, how quickly it dries and how beautiful it makes my hands look. It is the best brand I’ve ever come across and I won’t stop using it.

  6. It’s a little pricey but worth the buy. I work with my hands a lot and because of its formula it doesn’t chip easily and this colour is so stunning and sexy.

  7. So I can truly say this is a top product and OPI never disappoints. Red Nail Lacquer is a definite must have for any occation. The OPI Big Apple Red Nail Laqcuer can be worn either in a very playful way or it can easily be switch up with a provocative touch. I styled mine with glitter gold nail varnish on some finger nails and gave it a finish with the OPI Start to finish base and top coat for a perfect Valentine’s Dinner look. It was perfect and it lasts about 2 weeks depending on your method of application and how hash you are with your hands. XO

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