Optiphi Intense HA Serum

Optiphi Intense HA Serum

This serum is designed to re-plump, add volume and intensify skin hydration on a cellular level. It invigorates dehydrated, dry and structurally weak skin by increasing cellular longevity and boosting hydration. Increased cellular activity will result in improved skin health and cellular proliferation, allowing youthful, plump skin to be revealed.

Price: R1095
Size: 30ml
Availability: Selected salon and skin centres


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  1. I use this serum after cleansing with Optiphi facial cleanser. I apply the intense retinol serum over and finish with the moisture control light at night. By day I follow this routine and include protect the canvas. I have a monthly Optiphi peel (35%) and BT nano treatment. My skin glows, the tiny red veins around my nose are getting lighter, my frown lines (the dreaded number 11s) are less deep and best of all I don’t need to wear makeup, only a bit of concealer now and then. A good investment. I highly recommend my Optiphi routine.

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