Optiphi Protect The Canvas

Optiphi Protect the Canvas

Protect the Canvas (SPF) is a sun protection cream that acts as a reliable broad spectrum UV filter, providing SPF30 protection. Fight photo-ageing with this enriched formulation, which assists in reducing the signs of photo-aged skin and has antioxidant activity.

Price: R439.90

Availability: Selected spas and salons

What we say:
Understanding the importance of sunscreen, along with a fair complexion, has made me very aware of what I apply to my skin. No matter what time of the year, I always wear at least an SPF 30, and if I’m spending time outdoors, I reapply throughout the day. Already a fan of the Optiphi brand, I was excited to use this product, and have been very happy with the results.

The product spreads easily and absorbs nicely. It leaves my skin a little bit shiny, but as most sunscreens do this, I am not too worried. I usually apply foundation over it anyway, and this masks any excess shine quite easily. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling sticky and so far, I haven’t seen any sun damage (even after spending a few hours outside).

What I really love about the products is the pump-action packaging. I’m happy that no air gets into the bottle (after all, it has antioxidant activity, so oxygen needs to be kept out). Plus it’s easy to control how much you use, so nothing gets wasted.  It’s definitely one of my must-haves, especially in the summer!
– Anien


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  1. I love the packaging of the product; the colours are very striking and the pump dispenser is great. I have used this product during winter and I was quite happy with it during the cooler months. Unfortunately my skin feels greasy when I use it on a hot day. It does a great job at protecting my skin, but it’s not ideal when I need to look my best.

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