SoftLips Organics

Softlips Organics is certified organic and 100% natural. The premium, organic ingredients provide a silky-smooth, eco-friendly lip protectant for softer, healthier lips.

Price: R29.99
Availability: Clicks, Pick n Pay, Dis-Chem and Checkers stores

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27 Responses

  1. Always have this product in my handbag, love the flavours and it makes my lips feel smooth and soft.

  2. As mush as I was attracted by the work organic and 100% natural , I am disappointed that they lack SPF….

  3. i have always used soft lips , its by far the best protection i can use on my lips. just love this product.

  4. I absolutely adore Soft Lips. The fragrance and flavours are phenomenal. My favourite is Vanilla. I did not know about the organic range, but am definately going to the shops tomorrow to buy some. Definately recommend it to anyone wanting a good quality lip ice.

  5. I have used it a few times and have never been disappointed. It works wonders for the cold and dry winter days

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SoftLips Moisturising Glimmer Gloss

SoftLips Moisturising Glimmer Gloss

Softlips Moisturings Glimmer Gloss protects and softens chapped lips
SoftLips spf15 Tinted Lip Conditioner/Sunscreen

SoftLips spf15 Tinted Lip Conditioner/Sunscreen

This protects and moisturises your lips with a touch of colour.
SoftLips Lip Protectant Sunscreen SPF 20

SoftLips Lip Protectant Sunscreen SPF 20

Smooth glide-on formula moisturises lips to keep them soft and healthy.

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